Dream of Mam

More than 50 years of Independence of my country that are a lot of thing changing in it
The most importing is the Education
But Now days the thing are changing and there are lot of school open in all my country the North to the south and the east to west and all them are free , Although the availability of education there are same regain the women cannot get high Education because the costumes and the high school are so far from their home , Despite same family to permeated the girls to go to the school but their cannot finch their study Especially in the south 20 years ago .
I remember a lot of my pupils(girls) in the south if she get 15 years they put them at home and I cannot do anything about them to change this situation really now I’m so sad for them
Really I remember the voice of Mam to tell me that she cannot allow their Aunt permeated to go at school Mam was very intelligent !! but she had not at chance to proved, Because it was The period of colonization and his Aunt was afraid for Mam.
She is decided to sacrificing all his life for here child to have this chance , and all time she said “ that I’m Orphaned and poor I sacrificed for you, to be much better than me !!
You are my family my farther my mother and my sisters, brother I have not anyone other than you , your succeed is my succeed I see my dream in your eyes”
But me I cannot realize the dream of Mam , when I was young !!!!
And I remember when my sister finch his study she become Electronic engineer my parents crying to hears his daughter became engineer she is the first in my family that finch his study
I was study with my sister but I ‘m not succeed I ‘m always pride to get sister like she
She is Twin my spirit.!!
And the most important dream for my Mam to have one of his family a doctor !!
Although my young sister his succeed she is study medicine ,but she stopped and I fell that the dream of Mama get away ….
Mam she always say” My dream cannot realized if your young sister cannot became a doctor” , but it is the reality .
Wow Mam your dream it will be realize with your daughter son it will be a doctor in few years (God willing).
Mam cannot stopped to have a lot of dream, because she is very wonderful woman and have a lot of Emotional.
I have not anyone taken away my love for Mam.
You are the greatest Mam in the world.
Alone I am nothing. Together, we are a powerful force for me
My life it was Started with you
I don’t know anyone before you
Mam sincerely I love you for ever.

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