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To God be the glory.It is not by might nor by power but by the spirit of God that we met online through world pulse.When i first came to this site it was like i was dreaming, i didnt actually know as to wherether i was signing to the right site or something.However immediately i checked my inbox i found a welcoming message.I knew now that i was on the right treck.I was alarmed to know that there is an activity that was about to start, so without hesitation i gave heed to that. The journey has been so good.Talk about Rachel, mr beckbeck and the whole team they are all amazing.They ablazed us with fire in world pulse,we were kept burning.Do you folks know what secretively that fire did,problems were solved, ideas brought to surface, marriages healed and restored,encounting life changing articles.We might not have silver and gold to overcome our obstacles now,but with our hands, minds,tongue and legs we can do something that will touch the heart beat of God.

Women are all powerful,looking at the comments,you women are so amazing.I respect every woman.Wherever you are, dont leave the habit of visiting your internet,mingle with your community members,share with them as they share with you their stories.Please lets keep the fire burning.As we raise our voices through world pulse,through web 2.0 to declare war, to eradicate our situations within our communities,we shall live in a changed world.Lets not fear nothing because that will grieve our movements within our communities,thank you all.

I salute all the ladies including men who have contributed.My life have changed.Thank you.

I greately rejoice,when i consider people like leah, i know God has answered my prayers for my hometown.Women like her are a blessing.

Mr Beckbeck thank you
Rachel thank you
To the entire Team at world pulse thank you so much.

With all my love to you all folks

Warona Maifala

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