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\"A woman rejoices in another woman's misery\" they say, \"A woman is another woman's biggest enemy\" they engraved in our minds. I believe its time to change that, I believe its time to re-write history and we can only do so by educating the girl child.

Lets educate young girls  to support each other, to be there for each  other to choose each other , to celebrate each other. Teaching young girls all over the world to empower one another can change the world. Lets engrave it in young girls to celebrate each others successes, to hype each other up, to dream together and to always have each others backs.

Gone should be the days when a woman found happiness in another woman's misery, gone should be the days when a woman is the reason for another woman's misery, gone should be the days when a woman is jealous of another woman's success instead of celebrating each other, gone should be the days when a woman is an island even when she's surrounded by other women. Gone should the the days when a woman feels scared in the presence of other women.

Lets start our girls young, lets help them be content with their abilities , lets help them find happiness in supporting each other. Teaching the girl child to support other girls can help in building her self esteem , it can help her to not feel threatened by another girls success.

 Together all around the world, Lets raise young women who understand that being different  from each other is what makes us individuals,  young women who understand that beauty has no definition , young women who are content with who they are that they don't feel the need to compare themselves with each other but rather celebrate the differences they have with each other. 

Let's make it mandatory that the girl child understands the importance of empowering other girl children.

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