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Effects of Child labor in any Society

What is Child Labor?

This complex question has been dissected in many spheres of political forums and has come up with many different answers that are deemed appropriate for the country and culture. In many countries around the world, child labor is very complicated. Many families consider it appropriate to put their children to work in order to cover debts that were incurred through generations. The practice may not be so widespread today but it is still an overwhelming factor when considering the consequences that follow with the declining future for the children.

Education has been neglected in many quarters and has seen many generations following the same path. There is no vision or hope, or wish of being delivered from this life and many consider it to be a curse that is really generational. I believe this may be so, but the reality also is that the governments of these countries do not provide enough of a social and financial structure that will help in these situations. Hence, families find it practical to continue the trend.

Lack of Education for Children in Child Labor

It is known for centuries that education is a key factor in meaningful and sustained survival for any person, and this will translate into individuals living rich lives that are morally and spiritually fulfilling. Being able to support themselves and their families are what will enhance outlook and ambitions for their families. Education has been neglected and thrown out the window, for children working in sweatshops, agricultural fields, and even prostitution. The government may have policies for mandatory education but will turn a blind eye to child labor because it serves a purpose which they neither need nor change. This is very sad, as the very children are suffering and will even die under the pressure of this visible neglect.

Some countries have woken up to the reality of educational neglect of these children, but working on catching up to make the situation better is taking too long. Schools are woefully lacking in especially rural areas, and social workers are not enough to ensure parents do the right thing by their children, this along with the fact that most of the parents are also illiterate. So, the situation remains the same. If determined follow-ups were being done and governments were making sure to provide infrastructure to facilitate education, things would be better.

Communities Lobbying to Help Themselves

If families truly want to see the next generation break this trend of child labor, it is important to help them. They can lobby and petition local businesses in their areas and communities to help. Many local businesses all over the world have been participating in these community outreach programs which is good, but there need to be many more. Partnering with government and persons in the various communities are workable, practical solutions to alleviating the situation of child labor, and eventually putting a huge dent in the situation. The provision of jobs for parents, while allowing the children to be children and go to school, is the only way to lessen the statistics. Studies have shown in Pakistan, for example, that many rural communities have begun to see the light, but it needs to shine brighter. More businesses must come forward and help in this fight in order to save the future of the many countries around the world that are in dire need of this kind of help. No longer is it acceptable to use these unfortunate children to benefit and enhance your pockets and grow your profit margins while scorning them and categorizing them as outcasts.

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