Embrace sadness

We live in a society where more often we are told to put out our happy phase or be a magical creature that spreads rainbows and unicorns.
But what if that happiness is not going to stay? What if that melancholy has the power to heal us than telling them to be happy or forcing them to be happy.
Whenever someone sees me crying they tell me to wipe my tears and be happy.
It's not ok to fake happiness. It's better to be unhappy than faking it.

It's ok to cry and feel sad. It's ok to go through that process,  no matter how long it takes. Maybe it's endless. 
It's ok to feel that way. 
Note to me: whenever someone wants to open up or cry a river. 
Sit and listen. Hold them and tell them it's ok. And if you don't have anything consoling to say, JUST LISTEN.
Stay awesome ❤️

Soorya Gayathri

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