young women and adoloscent girls in training.

Photo Credit: Blessed life foundation Uganda

BLF-Uganda has supported more than 300 young women through hands on skills, and through the last three years i have discovered as the executive director that we could not reach our target because of long distances these women walk to come to the training center and others since they are adolescent girls find many distractions on their way to the training center hence limiting us as the organisation to reach our goals, through these hardships we came up with a solution of building a training center that has hostels so that these young women are monitored through the one year project and at the same time counselled and guided because most of the times they come from broken homes and many are victims of forced early marriages and increased domestic violence. we have a budget of $50,000 to accomplish this project in order to support and empower more young women because they are the mothers and leaders of our next generation and generation to come.

Action taken

writing grant requests and see how we go go about this.

Seeking for partnerships to have this center put in place.

Seeking for fundraisers.

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