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Empowering & Transforming Lives of Girls by Sending them Back to School

Its 4 years I have been working on Capacity building on personal Safety and every day learnt that life is not as easy as we see.

May be I have been recognized in many forums, people say me to be an inspiration, but What I realize is the Every Girl has to go through all the issues which are discussed by each one of us at Worldpulse.. May it be India ,Pakistan or any other part of the world.

I am not a good writter or speaker, but I always to try to speak by my heart.. and today I will share 3 stories of change which changed the way I think and I took the step to work for Girls by not only creating awareness in the society, but also working on quality education of girls, Ending up Child Labour and Child Marriages in the society I live in.

STORY 1 : I met a 12 year girl at a construction site working with her mother in carrying bricks on her head, the first thing clicked in my mind was why is such a small girl being working, but I was attracted towards her because of her sweet smile. I went and start talking to her and found out that she works out there to support her mother in earning money to send her brother to school, as her father runs a tea stall and can only bear expenses of their bread, but mother wants brother to go to school, although i wish too, but i cannot as I need to support. I am also not given 2 times meal, because my brother is studying and my mother feels that he has to be given full meal, so that he can pay attention towards his studies.

After that day, I could not sleep for many days..thinking while I wish to have a daughter and keep her as an angel, there is another world where daughters are used to earn money and boys get the priviledge to have all the facilities. CHILD LABOUR.. I heard but I felt it through my inner depth of my heart, which kept on bothering for many days.

STORY 2 : As My organization has been playing a important role in capacity building on personal safety, While I along with my team were conducting a session in a school for both boys and girls, a Boy asked for my number and told that he wants to connect to me. I was fine and gave him the number. the same evening i got a call asking me a question. As a Brother If i See something wrong happening what step should I take?

I was shocked.. and tried to make him comfartabel to understand what the issue is and than after few minutes came to know that his sister has been abused by his uncle (Chacha) every night on his own bed and he even after knowing everything i snot able to speakup, his sister is 6 years and is always in sleep.

A case that needed a high on attention explained him to take a stand to speakup and tell his mother to sleep with both the kids on questioning tell about what the issue is.. although he was scared and told will try. After 5 days I again received a call from him and this time his mother spoke to me thanking out in tons and action taken by her after knowing the incident.

But Will solving one question work.. It has to be addressed out accross as it is not 1 place this is happening accross and no one want s to speak about it


STORY 3 : During my visit to a Slum area. I met many girls who were putting sindoor on their head, wearing payals and their age was 12 to 15 years and when i spoke to them came to knwo that they are married at a very early age and they put sindoor for long life of their husband, I asked do you go to school.. they said no, We take care of Household things and our younger brother and sisters and cook food and help our parents in making rajais to earn money.. When I again questioned about if they want to go to school and If I send them to school, will they go they stated.. We are girls and we have no right to go to school. we are born to help and take care of our family. and I was broken up..

After a thorough ground work with my team, We as an NGO took up a stand to start our first remedial education centre for Girls in Name of Laadli Communiy Centre in august 2016 identifyinggirls who are into child labour, girls who are discriminated, girls who are not being sent to school because of financial issues, Girls who are married at early age and all the girls who have dreams to go to school, want to get educated, want to express what they wish to do in their life... Today we have 80 girls enrolled in our centre and we are happy that all the girls are been enrolled ot school...

although my first step to transform lives.. but I always hear people saying around..

"A SMALL STEP MAKES A DIFFERENCE" I have taken my step what about u

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