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Empowering women of low resources teaching them how to code

Along with my co-founder we created ADA, a social enterprise which aims to provide job opportunities and social inclusion for underprivileged women teaching them technological skills.
Nowadays, only 30% of employees are women and most of them do informal labour and are underpaid, especially underprivileged sections in which 7 out of 10 are women. Most of them are users of information but they don’t produce it using technological tools. At present, only 13% of active staff at computer science are women.
Empowering women is essential to build stronger economies and communities. According to a Cisco research there will be a 30% difference between supply and demand of employees.
We train women focusing on lower class giving them computer science classes and short workshops about soft skills in a cooperative learning environment. We make up for the necessities of the corporate market offering them our staff, software development and testing services. Once a client has contacted Ada demanding these, the women start a full time relationship with us, working for our client.
The response we had from our first group of women is awesome. They never thought they were capable to do something like this, something that they thought that was reserved for upper social classes. They're learning the programming language Java and they want to learn more, they think that is very interesting and they're advancing and growing step by step. They are hopeful for the opportunities that a job in the technology industry offers, and the power to change their lifes it has. and being on a group of almost all women really makes a difference because they feel more confident and without fear. With the companies we have two clear challenges: show that people of lower classes with a good training can do this kind of work and get more women contracted on IT industry.
We already started the change The revolution of women developers has started.

Latin America and the Caribbean
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