Empowerment of women through Web 2.0

I was excited to know about the Web 2.0 and its method of raising the voice of the women throughout the world. Through the medium of web 2.0, I got chance to introduce myself globally. Web 2.0 helped me to raise my voice and shared my experience to the world. It helped to express my thoughts and knowledge about the challenges; I had faced being a female. I got chance to read about the stories and difficulties faced by women of different part of world about which I was completely unknown. It helps me to connect with different peoples from different parts of world and know about their experience and traditions which may be completely different from mine one. I also got chance publish my journal and create a global network of supporters by using networking communications through web 2.0. These facilities given my Web 2.0 excited me a lot to learn about it.

Web 2.0 provides chance for women like us to raise their voice about the problems we are facing in our daily life and make women together to work for their rights. We not only can share their problems but also can share their successes story which can encourage others. We can freely discuss about our rights and political, socio-economic status. We can speak about our problems freely, we faced being women. The Internet has became a part everyone life nowadays, so web page can be a lot to exchange our feelings. Women in Asia can understand the problems of women in Africa and a kind of relation is created with each others. Our problems can be solved through the suggestion given by different people of the world reading our journals published in Web 2.0. The plate form that Web 2.0 provides may be the small stage but its feedback would be a lot for those who are suffering. The stories of empowerment, global changes can encourage the women. Each of our voice can be a great opposing to those who use and explode women. Web 2.0 provides to have grown and support our thoughts and visions to bring social changes. In this way directly or indirectly Web 2.0 to bring the global women’s empowerment movement.

I got chance to know about the problems faced by women in different part of world and their way of finding the solution and it will be empowering me. I will be sharing my experience and raising my voice using Web 2.0 to find out their solutions. By reading the story of success, I got courage to talk freely about the problems faced by my community’s women and to find out their solutions. I hope to learn more about the journal of different women of world may give me solution and courage to fight against problems.

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