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ENDSARS and the gap between leaders we have and the leaders we need in Nigeria.

Available evidence indicated that in times of heightened uncertainty as seen recently in Nigeria during  the EndSars protest....we may think that we would be best guided by a fearless leader , someone who  uses his bravado and unbridled confidence to give off the impression of invulnerability . So sad that the EndSars protest made us to see the wide gap of abnormality of the leader we have and the leader will need . Through this evidence, we realised that many of our leaders are not the kind who thrives during crises  and quite unfortunate that our leaders do not know when to stop the bravado and do what is right. I agree during a crises, the game changes ,may be you need to communicate more or more often, but it depends on your consistency the day before the crises and during the crises.  As a matter of fact , it takes courage to lead any time, it takes more courage to lead in time of crises. In many instances, when our leaders find themselves in the middle of crisis ,then it becomes very easy  for them to adopt negative thinking and in the process, blame everyone and everything for the world  of problems happing around them. The truth of the matter is that Nigeria will best be served by those who exhibit transformational  leadership ....These are the people who are willing to tell the truth ,even when isn't comfortable .And  they are willing to own their mistakes and ask for help despite the risks to their goodwill.  At this time, we need a leader who display honesty, transparency and emphaty and responsible for  things that don't work .  Most importantly responsible for things happening in his / her system and that is exactly what the  youths of Nigeria are asking for, from their government.... asking for their fundamental human right,  demanding for good governance and saying enough is enough of police brutality and many act of  illegality. I can assure you that the youth of Nigeria have a good intentions to steer the country in the right  direction and they did through a peaceful protest until enemies of our dear countries seize the  opportunity to destroy properties and loot.  The youth have made the boldest statement of a lifetime. History will never forget that you bring the  government to her kneel. Nigeria will be great again! One step at a time.....And this step was quite a bold one I must say!  Prayerfully, I hope Nigerian youth keep dreaming and stay the course, love one another and work  together to help end this manace of bad leadership.

I pray for healing for individuals, communities and businesses that were affected during this challenging  time. Be as it may be....The worst may soon be behind us. We will create not a perfect world, but at  least one that is free from the stranglehold of bad governance, unemployment, corruption , insecurity, nepotism, greed and is a starting point...... The martyred African-American civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr, always taught that unearned  suffering is redemptive. Those who have lost their lives in this protest would not have died in vain. Their  blood will lead to the birth of a New Nigeria. What we face are the birth pangs of a new nation. Nigeria  will no longer be the laughing stock of the world but a city set on a hill; a country that will be a light  among the nations. I conclude with the haunting lines by an anonymous poet: Tell my father I had the flag in my hands when I was shot. Tell the unborn Generation that I died singing the national anthem. Tell the cowards who shot me that my spirit lives on in the life of every good Nigerian youth. Tell the government that they shot my body but not my spirit… Let God judge me, I am only sorry for the pain of leaving you this early. Now that my torment is over… I know that freedom is coming, yes freedom will come tomorrow.” May the souls of our fallen heroes continue to rest in peace.

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