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Equal employment opportunities

I have often realized persons with Disabilities are often descriminate at or even refused employment because of thier Disability. 

I will share my own story here. When I wrote my Advance level General Certificate of Education, I was idle at home and didn't want it because I never wanted to be used by the Devil to do what my peers do. So I saw an opportunity and the qualification was if you good a Give ordinary level I was like I do not hold only the ordinary Level but the advance level too so I knew that was a perfect Holiday Job for me. I did applied using the normal application process and was called up to resume work 1 week after my application. On reaching at the office the employers saw me and said\"Is this how you were?\" My God only the question alone  intimidated me I was like yes that's how I am. And they went further and said sorry you cannot do this job it's meant for able people. Imagine an accountant job and they are telling me I cannot do it because am disabled I am laughing with the teary eyes because I have mixed emotions in the course of writing this. Later on, they gave me 4$ as transportation to go back home. Imagine I left the house and told my people I was going to work and came back told them I was refused the job because am disabled what a disgusting experience. That was that and it ended there so fast and fast the results of the advance level was released and I made it wow I forgot my experience with the recruiting organization and i was glad the disabled girl is now going to the university I knew I won't be refused again in organization because i had the required qualification any organization would want fast and fast I got admission in the university pursuit my BSC in Economics and graduated in exactly 3 years. So I was still hunger for more education so I applied for the masters program and offcourse I did graduated after 2. Years with a 1st class honour decree. I knew I have made it already in life ok it was another time for Job search I applied for various opportunities I had in hand only to be called for 1 which was a voluntary opportunity I an organization whose main objective was to fight for the rights of persons with Disabilities. While there I still kept my eyes opened to pick up any available full time Job opportunity in the same organization or maybe elsewhere I kept applying and hoping only for me to seat one afternoon in the office and received a letter that my voluntary service has come to an end and any opportunity I will be called up again. See cry for me where will I start again hmmm? Thank God who sees ahead of our future before us and prepares us to face it I was already into online business of clothing shoes and handbags. That was what was surviving me after I loosed my little job. Then I made my mind up not to work for anyone again but do my own business. I operated my online business till i got little capita and set up my own shop in April 2021. I am sharing this because I want to let organizations to give opportunities to persons with Disability they should see thier abilities beyond physical eyes they can also add values to organizations

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