Eunice Owino: Keynote speaker during the 2020 Web IDEC


I am honored to be a keynote speaker during the 2020 International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC); Web IDEC. This is a summary of my presentation:

QR Codes: A Tool Belt for Teachers

During COVID-19 pandemic globally we witnessed the suspension of face to face teaching and learning, strengthening the technology aided learning. One of these technologies is the use of Quick Response (QR) Codes for learning.  QR Codes is a great tool belt for teachers; it can create engagements, manage learners, open document files or a video or audio file among others. The codes are quick, reliable, time saving and very friendly for learners. During the session we will be able to get a step by step guide on creating information to be accessed using QR Codes.

  What is Web IDEC?

Children are curious and playful by nature. They are also always eager to learn. These impulses and thirst are strong and deep enough to motivate children to become successful adults. Since 1993, the International Democratic Education Conference – IDEC, is organized every year by schools and organizations from a different country. A few hundred to a thousand people from different fields, including students, come together to discuss, learn and share about education. The diversity of the participants, coming from 30-40- countries, is one of the most appreciated features of the conference. Web IDEC is the organization of this same event via the Internet. From October 23rd to November 8th

« None of the things that children need to learn should ever seem like a burden or be imposed on them as a task. Any study thus proposed becomes painful, and the mind is averse to it, even if it was previously the object of pleasure or indifference. John Locke, 1963

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