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Everyone has a future

I have often realize that persons with Disabilities are often disadvantage in many situations. It starts from the families if we don't support them from Tender they will grow up to feel inclusive in every societal activity with a feeling of inferiority but if we do not support them from Tender,they will feel excluded and so no future. I am citing this words from a story a Reverend sister told me today about some child with hearing and speech impairment she works with. She said she took those children when they were at age 14 and 12 respectively. She said the children got the feelings they have the world of thier own since no one regards them as a part. She was like in every effort they do to get them educated, they become worst because on taking them, they already got a certain character instilled in them so to change it is a whole struggle. She said the children are 2 a girl and a boy. They have tried every means to get the girl educated but the results was pregnancy so they had to send her back to the village where she came from but unfortunately she gave birth to a blind child. Why I am I narrating this story here? I am doing so because I want to encourage parents of children with Disabilities to first accept thier kids, give them love before they send them out to the society. The society will love and respect your child if you parents first love and respect them. Let's give our children with Disabilities a future. Everyone is entitled to a future. 

Happy new year to everyone

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