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Explore in advance Technology

Frankly, I do not know much about advance technology related to internet, blog, skyp, chat,etc… I heard people talking so often about these terms; seem I am not belong to the group. Normally, I used internet just to send and receive email at work place and searching sometimes. However, in late 2010, I start to play with facebook, at first, I just only want to know what it is about and why all my friends know it and people interesting with it, and I do not want other tease me that I am not modern or up to date to advance technology. Later on, my face book become more active and I become like it, write something more on it and started adding friends, shearing some ideas, up load more pictures. At first, I do not know that I have involved with is web 2.0,until I met world pulse and I have read some hand out, Now I know that web. 2. 0 is a tool which allow for participatory information shearing, user-generated content. On the other hand, I become realized that I have involved with new media, when I logged accidentally link to, suddenly, I found the page talk about online training program, in new media, citizen journalism ,Voice for our future. I have found interesting stories written by other many different women around the world, and I also want to be one of them. Then, I decided to register with world Pulse and keep following several instructions.
Actually, I have worked involve with media for over 5 years as radio reporter and radio producer, but for the last three years, I could not go far from my kids I have to worked as administration job, which I do not think I like it, but at least I have a job to do. Luckily, I could find something interesting to do with world pulse.
In Cambodia, it might similar to other where else in the world, men occupied the Information Technology (IT). Parents normally not prefer their daughter to take IT class, they think that, this major is not go well with women, women should consider in accountant, nurse, teachers… That why less women have attend the IT class. Through web 2.0 , Women will be encourage and treated equally as men in term of gender equality. I believe that this Web 2.0 which is social media ,social networking, user centre, and user participation, women will take this opportunity to shear information, personal stories. Therefore the voice of women will be heard widely, women’s issue has been taken into consideration and the solution will seriously took place.
I hope that Web 2.0 will be the new area that I could explore more and this is the new way of communication that inspire me by reading other stories around the world. Through world pulse web 2.0 I could find space to improve my English language, writing skill through journal writing. I, personally would grow and become strong to help my poor community.

South and Central Asia
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