#FaithOverFear campaign -- please join and share your story

#FaithOverFear campaign -- please join and share your story

Sent out byLiza Barrie, UNICEF Civil Society Partnershipscsp@unicef.orgviamail8.atl71.mcdlv.net

Dear Partner,

The world is witnessing the highest levels of displacement ever seen. An unprecedented 65.3 million people globally have been forced from their homes. Among them are nearly 21.3 million refugees, over half of whom are children. Families fleeing violence, conflict or persecution face treacherous and often deadly barriers when seeking safety. Refugees who are able to resettle, face fear, uncertainty and discrimination.

Today, Religions for Peace, UNICEF and a global coalition of religious groups are launching#FaithOverFear.

#FaithOverFearis a movement of people transcending their own fear and prejudice, and instead, committing to opening their hearts and communities to refugees.#FaithOverFearaims to influence public opinion to welcome and support refugees by highlighting stories from people around the world whose faith has encouraged them to embrace the other.

Please join#FaithOverFearby sharing your story of opening your heart and community to refugees. There are three ways you can join:Watch and re-share our first short documentary filmin the#FaithOverFearseries on Facebook.Suggested post copy:

Join us in supporting#FaithOverFear, a movement of people who are transcending fear to welcome refugees through faith. Watch and share this film and visitWeChooseFaithOverFear.comto get involved.

Update your Facebook profile picturewith the#FaithOverFearframe to show your support for refugees.

Share and post a story to social mediaabout a time you put your faith into action and welcomed a stranger. Be sure to post using the#FaithOverFearhashtag. VisitWeChooseFaithOverFear.comfor inspiration!

And please remember to download the#FaithOverFear Toolkitto learn more about the campaign and how to participate. The Toolkit includes a social media best practice guide that we hope you will find useful.

Thanks for your support!

Liza Barrie
Chief, Civil Society Partnerships, UNICEF

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