Favorite Films made, Film and Devotional songs made in celebrated Indian Languages.

Favorite Films made, Film and  Devotional songs made in some of my familiar, acknowledged, well known, celebrated Indian Languages.

I don't like ugly movies. The good change from 1988’s was so good/strong in many new differences/variations particularly from malayalam till new bollywood. Happy for all for it, as always.

My favorites in India that I enjoy eagerly with pleasantness in truth of living God’s wisdom and word in Manglish, Hinglish mixed word usage for my connection revealing outs are not like what other ignorant people with lifeless actions perceive or like or don't like.

As, in modern tamil, malayalam, english, hindi, Israeli hebrew-aramaic from 1987 continuing in modern way particularly in India through all early and late 90’s till all early 2000-2025’s; are:


Tamil songs-only few; nice to listen to very old songs that were released before I was born in these temporary earthly regions, while going through those areas, but I dont know its start and language so properly at all. Tamil movies, I don't watch at all till now from my birth, but three or four movies, like Roja, Bombay and Kadhalan with modern Anniyan, Kuruvi, Santhosh Subrahmaniam, 7 aam Arivu with other onlookers or sometimes alone or together with co-travellers in luxury buses; but usually in my case I hate to watch tamil movies as I don't understand that language while said, but songs I like, some so beautifully connected with me in words, lines with hinglish mix.

Tamil songs I love are:

Konjam Nilavu

Thee the theetheekum


Ennavale Adi


Evano Oruvan

Kannamoochi Yenada

Konjum Mainakkale

Kannodu Kanbathellam

Pachai Nirame


Idarkuthane Aasaipataal Baalakumaari

Chinna Chinna Aasai

Kannan Varum Velai

Adiyae Adiyae Ivalae


Thindaadi Poagiraen

Mastani Telugu Song

Munbe Vaa

Mun Andhi Charal Nee

Innum Enna Thozha

Nee Korinaal


My old generation family love to listen to these types of songs while I am there in presence with them but not as I love those songs to listen and enjoy while all free enjoying with myself and others.

Malayalam songs and movies:

From old childhood, teenage songs, films, parent’s wedding cassette vcd songs, I like to listen are from age zero or from then age 10 all these are:

Pavizhamalli Poovurangi


Allimulla Poomarangal (Both F and M)

Kilukkam movie and songs.

Pappayude Swantham Appoos movie and songs, Gandhinagar 2nd Street movie.

Aayiram Kannumai Kathirunnu song.

Midhunam movie and songs.

Minnaram movie and songs.

Manichithrathazhu movie and songs.

Mannar Mathai Speaking movie and songs.

Thenmaavin Kombathu movie and songs.

Kumkumacheppu movie and songs.

Chandralekha movie and songs.

In Harihar Nagar movie only.

Thankathoni song.

Mazhavilkavadi movie.

Malooty movie.

Kadinjool Kalyanam movie.

The Prince movie, The Godfather-Malayalam movie, Vietnam Colony Malayalam movie and songs.

Vennila Chandana Kinnam song.

Pranayamani Thooval Pozhiyum song.

Minnaminunginu Thalikettu movie and songs.

Nadodikattu movie and songs.

Akkare Akkare Akkare movie.

Spadikam movie and songs.

Mukunthetta, Sumithra vilikyunnu movie.

Manathe Vellitheru movie and songs.

Harikrishnans movie and songs.

Aniyathipravu movie and songs.

Pranayavarnangal movie and songs.

Kithachethum Kaate song.

Meenathil Thalikettu movie and songs.

Summer In Bethlehem movie and songs.

Poove poove paala poove song

Rosapoo Rosapoo song.

Marannittumenthino song.

Nirnayam movie and songs.

Kaliyoonjal movie and songs.

Superman movie and songs.

Vellinakshatram movie and songs.

Meeshamadhavan movie and songs, Pinneyum Pinneyum Aaro song.

Sallapam, Ee Puzhayum Kadannu movies and songs.

Manimukile song.

Friends malayalam movies and songs.

Thenkasi Pattanam movie and songs.

Nandalaala song, Sonarey Sonarey song,

Rajahamsame song.

Chandranudhikyunnadhikhil movie and songs except one slow song.

Kalyanaraman movie and songs

Penne ninne Sundhari Aakiyathaaru- Alukkas Gold Advt. Song-Thrissur.

Manassinte Thalir Marathil- Alukkas Jewellery Advt. Song- Keralam, Gulf countries.

Aakashaganga movie and songs except one feeble/middle song, Yodha movie and songs, Kalipattam movie and songs, Kaliveedu movie and songs, Sreekrishnapurathe Nakshathrathilakkam movie and songs.

Meghasandhesham movie and songs.

Rojapoo Kavilathu song.

Manikya Veenayumayen- old malayalam song, Penaale Penaale-Chemeen song.

Tharam Valkannadi Nokki- song, Tuntunnakk song,

Kannadi Kayyil Kalyanam Kando-song.

Ariyathe Ariyathe malayalam song.

Omanapuzha kadapurathe song.

Ravanaprabhu malayalam movie.

CID Moosa movie.

Aatumanal Paayayil song.

Run Baby Run malayalam movie.

Manasanilayil song.

Aaro Padunnu doore song.

Kadha Thudarunnu movie and songs.

Paadan Ninakkoru Pattu song.

Manasinakkare movie and songs.

Thattam pidichu valikkalle song.

Karkuzhali song.

Kizhakku pookum song.

Urumi movie and songs.

Kanninima Neele song.

Chandu Thotille song.

Oorum Perum Parayathe song.

Minnadi Minnadi Minnaminunge song.

Kaithapoovin Kanikurumbil song.

Kunjikoonan movie and songs.

Meenakodi kaate song.

Omalaale song.

Malar Masam song.

Harichandana Malarile madhuvai song.

Kalkanda malaye song.

Ayal kadha ezhuthukayanu movie and songs.

Vaa vaa Thamarapenne song.

Kaikottu penne song.

Vilakku vekkum song.

Maarivil poonkuyile song.

Thengapoolum song.

Eazham kooli Ivan song.

Nettimele Pottitaalum F song.

Aakashadoothu movie and songs.

Manju pole song.

Indraneelimayolum song.

Thumbayum thulasiyum song.

Mizhiyil mizhiyil maan mizhiyil song.

Pandipada movie and songs.

Hallo movie and songs.

Aliyambal Kadavil Annu old version song.

Chathikkatha Chanthu movie and songs.

Lajavathiye Ninte Kadakanakannil song.

Ishtam movie and songs.

Appangelmbadum song, Nandanam movie and songs, Achuvinte Amma movie and songs, Kannin vaathil chaarathe song, Aaro nee aaro song, Ninakente manasille song, Chalanam chalanam song, Pinne ennodonnum parayathe song, Enthedi Enthedi song, Thott thott nokkamo song, Paatil ee paatil song, Pranayam movie and songs, Varmukile song, How Old Are You movie and songs, Annakili Nee song, Pranchiyettan and the saint movie and song, Ennum eppozhum movie and songs, Kondoram song, Ivan Maryadharaman songs only, Vaathil charumo song, Shalabhamazha peyyumee song, Melle melle aarum kaanathe song, Bhagyadevatha movie, Aadi thirathannil Veenalum song, Kanthari penne song, Mullapoovin Motte song, Thakkudu Kutta song, Earan Kaatin Eenam Pole song, Manju Mazha Kaatil song, Perilla Rajyathe song, Thudakkam Maangalyam song, Ponnodu Poovai song, Endhuthda Kdave Vasootan song, Senayin Adhipan devotional song, Pathinezhinte Poonkaralil song, Nilave Nilave song, Kando kando kadalu song, Manmizhipoovu F M song, Pattinte palkadavil song, Naatumaaviloru myna song, Thennorum chundilai Wahidha song, Ayisha unseen movie yet and two special songs, Arundathi movie and songs, Ennu Ninte Moidheen movie and songs, Bahubali movie and songs only in malayalam not in any hindi language versions. I am less interested in hindi dubbed versions because in malayalam with my connection from the past there are hinglish and manglish word connections, yet hindi is understandable.

Hindi movie and songs: I don't watch much Shah Rukh Khan movie but only one or two, first of all I say; 

Chocolate Lime Juice song,

Hum aapke hain Koun song,

Hum apne gham ko song, Roop suhana lagtha hein song, Aashiqui mein hasd the guzarna song, Chadthi Jawaani Meri new 2000 remix video song,

Aiye Ajnabi song, Jiya Jale song, Dil se song only, San sana na na na song, Dilwale dulhania le jayenge movie and songs, Taal movie and songs, Hum dil de chuke sanam movie and songs, Devdas 2005 new movie- Video/Audio Songs only, Yeh mera dil pyaar ka new version, Yeh ishq haye song, In lamhon ke daaman mein song, Kehne ko jashn e bahaara hein song, Barso re song only with one following scenes, Ay Hairathe song, Tere Bina Besuhaadhi video song, Welcome comedy movie and songs, Crazy kiya re song, Daiya daiya re song, Vaadha raha song, Oh, Bekhabar song; Kaise mujhe Tum mil gaye song, Lazy lamhe song, Siera Siera Touch me touch me song, Chiggy wiggy with you boy song only, Bahaara song, Chikni Chameli song, Mashhoor meri ishq ki kahaani song only, Prem ratan dhan payo movie and songs, Housefull 3 comedy movie, Saree ke fall sa song, Dheera Dheera malayalam movie song.

Arabi-hindi-sindhi video/audio song: Nari Naari- Haibiby Da- 7 bibi da: Hisham Abbas song.

All malayalam christian devotional songs other than it also from malayalam movies starting from:

Aakashangalil Irikkum Njangade song,

Anupama Sneha Chaithanyame song,

Vishwam kakkunna nadha song,

Snehaswarropanam Naadha song,

Vaathil Thurakku nee kaalame song.

English Songs:

Titanic movie and songs, ABBA, Boney-M, Modern Talking from 30s, Cher-Believe/It's In his kiss, Touch by touch-Joy-Maxi Mix, Tonight Vocals, All adventure/action movies with slow romance like of Vanilla Sky, Harry Potter movies, Somebody that I used to know-Gotye, When you say nothing at all- Notting Hill, Loyal-Brave and true -Mulan song, Fuqboi song, Selena Gomez songs, Justin Beiber only 2.0 World 2010 songs, Fever-QaF American version video song, Moments- Blacklite district song, Bangles- Eternal Flame song, Only Hope-Mandy Moore song, My heart is beating- song from Julie, I have a dream.

Israeli Hebrew devotional worship songs:

Songs of Elihana Elia, Songs of Sarah Liberman, Shama Israel Adonai video song, Israeli Anthem, Hawa Nagila, Motty Steinmeitz songs like Haneshama Bekiribi and Tseno Ureno with english lyrics for you all.

Above you have a total of my whole favorites from my birth times till now.

I also found out that some Thaha’s birthday is on May 2 of the late 1999’s. I knew it in the year 2021 while gone for outside work during Corona times.

There is no meaning at all for ignorant lifeless beliefs used in manmade movies. Be in the present as said by some director's voices. See the inner values, that's only needed.

I thought my father/president sitting like from beginning till now, was more good/strong like when I approach, but I found him weak in front of me while even though he was present there with family, even with such everlasting relations with mine nature from beginning, when I went to approach him with truth in living God’s wisdom he ran/or pretend to hide from me sending fake messenger to me, did I came with sickle no then I ask why you were with ‘foolish kakki’ caps like for protection, I never call near me such foolish people even if I have to face any new bygone special relations from the past/present, so from now, you take selfies with others even if you don't wish, wear ‘kakki toppis’ of those foolish no need of decent dress put colorful worn cone-shaped clothes over your private areas, instead of decent undies, fold it tightly over your both sides of the waist changing it hourly basis with your vigs removed, beard and mustaches shaved and pose for. I will come again, approach again, even though your bygone nature and our too much farness affects a lot with long travels. I have to do it all alone, isn't it!? My neck is hurting too much with young ones. Nearness matters, that's all, nearness is needed, be with me like kith and kin.

I don't look at much time and numbers always because of a somewhat steady/calm/faithful busy nature. I never look at short forms/numbers of copying publics; for instance like Jan/Feb/1 or 2/ary without any true art connections or very weakly born without truth in wisdom of your/our living God but in ignorance and lifeless actions. Fullness matters.

Don't be in doubt. Remove all your doubtful natures. Be in fullness, happiness and strength of truth in your wisdom of your/our living God’s our loving Creator’s humbleness in strength of clemency, kindness, grace, mercy, sacrifice, inner values.

Your language I am using for you to understand, your language means not 'good lipi', but what foolish, weak, ugly words you use in ignorant, unfaithful, liar form directly looking at other's faces to discuss between you in weak complaints and comparing without truth or fullness in it, void of truth in living God's Wisdom. I have not used my tongue till now for complaining uselessly without proper fullness in it, not using it for comparing or saying weak, short, ugly words in any strong or good language that you use in a weak way. You are comparing with the same short, ugly, disoriented public people who are always sitting near you in huge groups here and there with characteristics that I have mentioned earlier in a long context. Kindly refer to other contexts that I have shared and published here, so you can understand more. It is when I talk about good/strong things to you directly that you don't like, and you go away from there to listen to other's weak foolishness in short forms, isn't it!!? So, reap what you do in ignorance with foolishness. Don't beg or don't be a beggar for destruction for yourselves for your own weak actions. And, always remind you that weak gossipping among people amidst a workplace can get you compensation from the person you gossipped about if complaints go. My strength is I never indulge in useless gossip with weak ignorant people. And, don't lie nor bring a new lie that has not been said or happened. Neither speak in a weak way or think about me, in a new way after 36 years to pretend like when you are being forced by ignorant liars to make yourself a liar. I have some respect, warmth and goodness in strength for ugly, short, fat, black people like you with all mentioned ignorant characteristics in all shared published contexts so if I have some respect, warmth and goodness to you because of my presence with you from my childhood and because of strong aunties of mine with you in a good, lovely, kind and strong way, don't make it loose; I don't like weak words saying weak liars be of any gender and don't beg destruction for yourselves in your own created ignorance neither blame on great humble people who are in strength for it. And, I thank Egyptian people who harnessed untimely ignorant people in their own untimely activities making them fly to your lands to teach them a lesson for a time being to make a change to their life by good and strong people around to an extent. Let everyone be okay in peace. Share good, strong thoughts and words amongst you. New learners, be in comfort while learning. Don't believe in fake, ignorant things.

I have found a new word, 'Harness' which means to groom or make ready a horse or any other draught animals with straps, fittings, ropes, seats and ties for plows or ploughs/runs/races or its meaning is to make use of, utilize, exploit, render useful, employ.

For exemplary: While used in the whole sentence- "Can you harness me with money or resources for travel in flight?"

My mind is blank if not to help you in truth of your/our living God, our living Creator in strength of humbleness; but it opens at the right time as before.

To the hidden shoots: 

What sort of devices do you use to harness my thoughts from inside? I can sense in truth that you take it out in milliseconds. I observe you more than you with continuities from all beginning, that you know or don't know. I know that you know me very well. I also know whether you are from outside India or from inside, what essence do you carry, which flavor, room servants,food ordering, time of your taking bathe, having food, rest and your sleep, love making according to my movements, situations, the position you sit or lay on bed with legs crossed, whether you are beautiful, the dresses you wear, whether short or long, partner’s faces, fat, slim, or elephant like, everything I know in much farness. I also can prove that you get drunk sometimes, you bothe. I also don't forget; I remember every pin and point from my birth till now like life videos, what brains do you carry, whether like mine or not!! I know very well but from your ugly short forms, I don't think so. I know it well, but I perceived in response after 2021. If you are mosquitoes for a joke, control your humming and find time for your sleep for your own health to progress- joking type. So, avoid sitting with short, foolish brains. Anyways for good it will be good, but if the devices get destroyed!!!?

Men/women/boys/girls who are humane in nature do publish like this if they were in truth of wisdom of your/our living Creator, our loving God in humbleness/humility/sacrifice/grace/kindness/mercy/inner values/strength/clemency/mercy/radiation, without ignorance and eliminating all forms of lifeless actions, weak warful arrogance, useless foolishness, weak drunkenness, lifeless words and selfishness from themselves.

Not merely doing, remember the flavor, essence of food or anyone whom you wish to eat, then only your hunger gets diminished. No dirtiness under living God, no dirty smells, but good flavors for interest to eat it, have good foods for example: ‘ularthiyathu’,  in slow beats, tones, music of munching in correct, connected, same type, alike soulful situations.

Government Servants: Jyose/Gloria-

My daddy works in Indian Government Railways as Station Master/Railway Superintendent earned from Rs. 500/- per month from 1986 till Rs.99,999 till 1,00,020/- per month till 2020-Retired; my mummy works for State Bank Of India (SBI), as Chief Gold Loan Key Holder/Cashier/ Chief Executive; both in vast Indian Government, in Public Sector earning Rs. 500/- starting from Gujarat upto Rs. 95,000/- till 1,00,000/- per month, from 1984-2022-Retired; so both together in 36-38 years earned nearly 2 lakhs Indian rupees per monthly for our family, respectively; now earning Rs. 40,000/- per monthly.

I Love India a lot.


Chimera/Phantom in Apparition in fathoms of Enigma/Mysterious.


‘Che’eighta-’Che’Etta (2888)

‘Che’ Chi………

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