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First and festive :)

I’ve always believed that only exchanging information and experiences can make a huge difference. It is, indeed, only way to truly act, to make a quality and long-term solution. It is a way of confrontation with our acts, with deeds of our nation, with global atrocities, but also familiarizing with positive examples, good practice and new ideas.
Unfortunately, it has been fairly undermined by expensive, often inadequate and unreachable communication sources. We've had rough time reaching people from our own country, never the less people across the planet. For that matter Web 2.0 relives us. It gives us so many opportunities. It lets us breathe the right way, lets us speak our mind loud and clear, and lets it be heard wider than we could've ever imagined. It lets me tell a woman from Rwanda that I can understand her pain, her anger, her riot, as my own community has been experiencing same torture at the same time. It gives me chance to tell woman from Syria that she is strong and vigorous enough to fight the fear she feels, just as i did. Web isn't just technical improvement, it is also part of our evolution, it should be. It should be tool for victory. Way to conquer fear of unknown, to spread our views, to ask, to share, to unite. We are now, more than ever, in a position to cooperate, to make global changes simply by pushing just few buttons. It excites me that even though sometimes I can't find a single person from my area to share the opinion with, I sure can find thousands of them online. It is inspiring to know that we can help each other at any time, we can advise each other on relevant problems. We can permanently solve many conflicts just by talking them out. We are now able to act global. To connect on our projects, actions, study visits, our local and widely spread problems, on our needs, our suffering, our wounds. It helps us perceive that we are not alone. By all that and much more, Web 2.0 became a big part of my life, of my activism. It helps me stay up-to-date, but also makes huge part of informing about past. I have participated in so many successful internet actions which became international movements and am witness and member of new generation, group of people that make changes fast, frequently and free of charge. Those changes may not be big. They might not be visible to world leaders, big companies, or anyone who doesn't want to acknowledge their existence, but it certainly doesn't make them fictional.

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