Flowers to my Support system at World Pulse!

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Jensine Larsen, I bless the day you founded World Pulse because that day meant liberation, freedom, justice, and much more to many women across the globe. Your legacy has become a breakthrough and brought light to the lives of many women. A platform that gives wings to all women regardless of their race, social status, educational background, and language barrier, a free platform where no woman is shut out, all the voice no matter how faint they are they get amplified. Thank you so much for being the savior of our time, the success stories of most of us will never be complete without your name in it, you’re a great icon, humble and intentional.

To my main commenters Kirthi Jayakumar, Jill Langhus, Rebecca Tang, Tamarack Verrall, Elizabeth Francis, Jefiter Mang, Vaishnavi Pallapothu, Natasja and Anum Shakeel, you all are established women who have been in the sisterhood longer yet you kept coming back and left a comment that meant so much to me. Those comments gave me a reason to keep on coming back with stories knowing that someone out there was eagerly waiting to read my pieces and more to give me a piece of their mind, your comments left me better. I treasure you all for you gave me a reassurance that my voice mattered and someone out needed to hear it.

Harriet Afandi, a sister that I met through World Pulse, someone who related to my story and left me happier and more relieved. Every conversation I had with you was therapeutic to me, your kind words and how much you wanted the best for me, you always have me in mind, you present so many opportunities just in a year of knowing me, and you have so much trust in my capabilities and that made me realize that I can do much that I think of myself, thank you so much, sister.

And to all my followers, I keep on returning with stories in the sisterhood because of you people, I mean you must have seen potential in me for you to follow me, you are my biggest fans and I am glad I have you in my life. You give me the push to write more and that way I get to fulfill myself and grow, there wouldn’t be a growing me without you and as long as life permits I will make you proud because that follow means the world to me.

Nobody can stand still on their own, everyone needs motivation to keep going no matter how little it is, and my journey at World Pulse has been possible because I interacted with brilliant souls who wanted nothing but the best for me. You are all my motivation and my morale to grow in the sisterhood, it has been a year since I joined the sisterhood and I can term it one of the best decisions that I made, I needed the sisterhood more than it needed me, to keep going and fulfill my purpose.

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