Forced Marriage

A girl or a boy who has spent fifty-five years with a person. And you hand her over to an UNWANTED person of your own free will. Have you ever thought how big a sin you are committing. By making a living human dead.Then you want them to be happy. but how?? We often hear in the street that this girl beats her children in such a way that she thinks she will kill them. Why ?? Because that helpless girl beat the children of an unwanted husband. When her anger is not directed at her father, brother, sisters, mother and husband, then the children of the unfavored husband are beaten. A woman takes care of the children and relationships of her favorite husband. I have heard some people say that my wife is a cow. OH SHUT UP A woman who gives birth to children is not a cow. You have a communication gap with her. Your relationship with her is only up to the use of the body for your sexual desires. You have never tried to understand her..Many times we hear that the husband of such and such a girl has beaten her a lot. The man takes out his frustration and anger by raising his hands on the unwanted girl who is forcibly included in his life without his/her will. Otherwise, the man takes care of his favorite wife with a lot of love. This is the reason why the institution of marriage is spreading havoc in our society. But no one thinks in this matter. This problem is not only with girls but in many places the same is happening with boys. Unwilling or forced relationship is forbidden in Islamic system. A MARITAL RELATION formed in a forced relationship falls under the category of adultery. The decisions of elders eat and ruined the happiness and lives of children. Almost 90% of the marriages in our society are those which Islamic laws declare NULL AND VOID because they are wrong from the Islamic point of view. Islam does not recognize and not allowed forced marriage or marriage without consent. It feels like a burden. Those decisions that are not accepted by the heart and mind, those relationships and those people, whether it is a girl or a boy, die by suffocation. Therefore, have fear of God and mercy upon your children, your children are not disobedient. Do not create a space for Staying GUILTY for life. Apparently laughing, these are living corpses whose hearts are dead, and their bodies are crushing the dead souls until they are out of breath. This is the reason why divorce and suicide rates are increasing in our society. And then the elders say that today's children lack tolerance.

Jawaria Zafar

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