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Forole my home, my heart ♥

My name is Sobal Yatani. I am a first born and the only girl in a family of four children.I was born and raised in Forole village, marsabit county, Kenya. Being a semi arid area, this part of the world do not receive much rain, and so pastrolism is the only means of survival. We live as one community full of love, laughter and joy. Communism over rules everything and people here treated each other as brothers and sisters.We live as one family.

In 2005, something happened  that changed everything . my dad was killed by unknown gunmen from a neighbouring community. I was too young to understand things but things have been very difficult for us as a family. Like any other adults from my village, my parents never went to school and so they had no formal job. The only means of livelihood my dad left behind was a few heads of goats which was suppose to sustain us. It was tough period for me and my siblings but even tougher for my mother. 

She has to wake up early everyday to take the goats out for grazing, with no lunch till in the evening when the goats come back. I felt that it was too much for her to manage but somehow, she did. Every parents from my village whose kids go to school do the same, they only rest on weekends when the kids are not at school. This kind of life is tough but people from my village are tougher, they endured. 

14 years down the line and the tribal clashes are still on going and it seems the government has given deaf years to the cries of the people from my village. 

Fathers have been killed, mothers and kids have been slaughtered, and there are so many orphans left behind. The widowed mothers are suffering, kids have dropped out of school because their mothers are overwhelmed , the looks on their faces could make you cry even before you hear their side of stories. I feel a lot of pain, but I do not know what to do.

99% of the people from my village have not gone to school and the 1% are student which I am one of them. Most of us are the victims .some lost their dads, brothers, sisters. I feel  helpless on how I can help the mothers from this village to raise their kids, to fight against injustices that is happening to us as human beings, to get the culprits of this massive killings of human being. 

Whoever is reading this, as a mother you know the struggles you go through, you might even know the struggles of single mother,  I am appealing to you to drop your opinions, or any form of assistance you can give to the people of Forole village. What can you recommend me/ any other person who is feeling the pain to do?  How can I as a person help the people of my community come out of this devastating loss? 

Who is willing to give me a shoulder to lean on? 

Your opinions, or any kind of strategies you can propose to help our society is highly appreciated.  Thank you for taking your time to read this. May God bless you all. 

Latin America and the Caribbean
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