From Barracks to the Boardroom

When I think back to my time growing up in the police barracks in Nigeria, it brings back memories of both tough times and good moments. I believe that those days helped shape who I am today. But when I look at the lives of girls today, I see something special happening, and it makes me so glad and thankful for the progress we've made.

In the past, it was really tough for girls like me. Some of my friends become moms as young as 13, and finishing high school was a big challenge for most of us. Honestly, the road to education was full of big, scary obstacles.

But recently, when my team and I went to a barracks to conduct a needs assessment for a new project, I noticed something. More girls than before were eager to learn, to go after an education past high school, and break free from the tough situations that used to hold them back. Seeing this change brought tears to my eyes. It made me feel emotional because it's a big step forward. These girls now have dreams, and they believe in themselves.

I want you to understand how different it is from my own childhood. Back then, we didn't have as much hope. But today's girls are determined to make their lives better. They are determined to create a different story for themselves, one that doesn't follow the old patterns.

One of the most heartwarming moments was witnessing some young girls passionately sharing their career ambitions with me. Some wanted to become doctors, teachers, engineers, and even lawyers. It was a stark contrast to the limited options that existed in my time.

Comparing my own childhood to what these girls are going through now shows just how much things have improved. I used to be a barrack girl, just like them. But I didn't stop there. I worked hard and changed my path. Now, I'm in a different place. I'm in the boardroom, making decisions and leading. This tells us that change isn't just a far-off idea; it's something we can actually make happen when we all work together for a brighter future.

As I left the barracks that day, I couldn't help but feel a sense of hope and pride. These girls were breaking free from the shackles of the past, and they were doing it with determination, and courage. Seeing these determined girls reminded me that every young person has strength inside them, just waiting to be encouraged and set free.

So, as I sit here, looking at where we've come from and where we're going, I feel a lot of hope and thankfulness. For me, this is a call to action, a reminder that we need to keep doing the work we've started. We need to make sure that every girl, no matter where she comes from, has the chance to make her own success story.

I will keep moving forward, so every girl's potential isn't just a wish, but a promise that comes true.

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