Finding out solutions to different problems that the world is facing, people have to study so as to do research.Scientists estimate that there is no civilization without research. In fact, the second Millennium Development Goal aims at achieving universal primary education by the 2015. In some countries, especially in DR. Congo, several children do not attend primary studies up to now. Parents have to pay school fees for their children and others are unable to do so because of poverty. Such uneducated children present danger for the hole society. At the early age, these children are used for building, smoking, drinking, etc.Now, imagine how much money people invest in making nuclear weapons to destroy our own lives and to pollute the environment. How much money do people use to empower terrorism? how much money people spend in expanding drugs in the world. If all this amount was affected in saving human lives, we would build a new world, world full of love, joy and peace. If we want to improve living conditions of people around this world, we have to grant education to children and indigenous as well.

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