GBV day 2

As the 16 days Activism against GBV enters day 2, I will like us to discuss about Sexual violence as a form of Gender Base Violence.

When we talk of sexual violence our focus will be on Rape. Rape which in simple terms means a situation where there is the penatration of a sex*al organ or object on a person without his or her consent. 

From this simple definition we pick out two important words 1) penatration 2) force or absence of consent.

Alot of persons are being assaulted everyday in homes through rape but they don't know. This is because we are useto with the words that once a man marries a woman he has the right to have s*x with her at his will. But this is completely false... because for intercourse to take place, both parties must consent to it. In the absence of this when force is applied, the guilty party must be liable and punished for it accordingly.

Secondly our male children are being violated day in day out but we keep this to ourselves because we want to sugarcoat it with deferent names. We have children who cannot walk properly again because thier anus have been shattered by men and women who have either used objects or they have used thier sexual organs to penatrate . 

Madam, Sir, Doctor....that is another form of rape. There is no other name for it. Once an object has been forcefully used on a person with the intention to have penatration without his consent is RAPE.

Therefore we come to a conclusion that both men and women are faced with GBV through sexual violence such as Rape. And we must joint our hands together to fight this form of violence in our various community




You can share under this post your view about Rape as a form Gender Base Violence (GBV) 

What do you think let's discuss 🙏

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