Gender balance

Mark Zuckerberg has two daughters.

Barack Obama has two daughters.

Kobe Bryant has four daughters.

I heard that Dangote doesn't have a son.

These are all great men who didn't get themselves and spouses worked-up over male children.

With or without male children, they have impacted humanity in their different ways and have marked their names in history. They will be remembered long after they are gone for what they did and NOT for having male children.what is it you are doing today that you will be remembered for?

But one UNKNOWN man in one african village somewhere  with no achievement whatsoever is frustrating his wife for not having male children.

He is desperately looking for a male child to carry on his non-existent legacy and poverty-stricken name.

sometimes let's just teach these men to know that a child remains a child.such acts and expectations always lead to gender based violence.we can share the knowledge of love for one and all to conquer this notion.Women should not be made to suffer because they could not bring forth a particular sex.share the same love to the children you have.

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