Girl Chid Day: Yes You Can

Looking back at her early years, surrounded by parents, aunts and uncles who weren't educated, and been motivated by her parents who could barely complete their primary education but were bent to go the extra mile out of their comfort zone to see her through her first degree in the higher institution, Gloria decided to be different.

At the university, she faced so many challenges and distraction that could prevent her from completing her education, she stayed focused and was optimistic. Today she is not just a first degree graduate but a PhD holder in Educational Psychology Guidance and counselling (special needs education).

She is committed to educating the Girl Child and other teens alike to help them discover their dream and actualize their purpose.

2023 theme for international day of the Girl Child is " Invest in Girls' Right: our leadership our Well-being".

Let us assist every Girl Child to discover and maximise their potentials.


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