As schools re-open there is need to strengthen sensitization about Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Services towards children. The new normal has come with a lot of strict health guidelines that individuals must follow. It is important to understand that Adolescent are more likely to engage themselves in good or abusive relationships during winter. It goes without stating that `prevention is better than cure`.
Imparting knowledge about health relationships can be so helpful to young people in that when the clock of puberty ticks often many try to experiment the taste of life. Research has shown that a good number of girls were impregnated during their time in examination classes. However, where right information is passed on consistently, girls will be able to tighten their defense by avoiding sharp shooters who might torn the net of their dignity and pride. 
Social distancing has become part of our vocabulary and practice. This intervention must be an advantageous stance for the girl child who might be thinking of risking her opportunity to focus on her studies. It is a good measure that will protect her from being bothered by sugar daddies and young boys who may not even contribute anything towards her goals. 
As a matter of fact social distance is not only an obtrusive agent in the fight against Corona viruses but also it does create an atmosphere were romantic undertakings such as roaming around in dark corners, kissing and touching can be avoided. Of course many loss track by involving themselves into sexual relationships without being prudent about life. 
 It is so unfortunate that older men tend to manipulate the mind of girls in exchange of money and rust. Girls are the most vulnerable especially in the shanty compounds and we must not sweep the dirty under the carpet but in the damp bin as a way to put an end to such immoral activities. 
Older men must set as an example by being role models than embarrassing themselves in proposing the lads.  Parents must keenly monitor the moves of their children for direction is better than speed. The need for parents to guide their children on the kind of choices children they intend to make must not be taken lightly. 
Conversations about sex must not be shunned in as much the messages about the pandemic of COVID-19 is being spread every day having the knowledge that young people may be in a relationship and the outcomes may not be foreseen.  
As a nation we have had a lot of cases of teenage pregnancy and that should be a thing of the past. Young people must be assertive enough to overcome tempting situations that may endanger their lives because the prevalence of Sexual Transmitted Infections Disease may meet their fate. 
At times what makes girls to fall for these unintended relationships it is because of lack of resources such as money to afford sanitary pads and as a result he who feeds them will control their mind. This kind of poverty may observed as a potential catalyst towards sexual exploitation and early forced child marriage.  

Adolescents must be clear of their sexual values because the romantic gear might gain momentum that may reverse them to the bridge of failure. It is time to fall in love with books than never before. 
In high spirit girls must set and work towards their goals that will break the boundaries of male dominated society in the leadership circle. 
Mentoring boys and young men too on the importance of empowering girls and women must not be concealed. The society must function in a manner were its members experience equal rights and opportunities for all. 
Seeking the right information of how to cope up with emotions from people one can trust is key. It is in that Adolescent friendly space found at your health facility in your locality in case your child or as a young person you find it difficult to consult from your parents about sexual reproductive health matters just step your foot in and spark the conversation without paying a penny.
 You can use the U-Report messaging service number by asking questions sending to 878 using any mobile network for free as long as you have a National Registration Card. This will help you resist the pressure of being hooked up by force. Since school are resuming you can also take advantage of the guidance department and social clubs by learning how to make well informed decisions during this period. Examine the circle of friends you are found with and choose those who are goal oriented this will determine your how far you will make it in life.  


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