Give Native Women a Voice for Justice Reform!


Native Women are peaceful, kind, giving and share everything they own or have! It is part of our culture, as a whole. Our children, our community and our nation is one! 

There is no competitiveness, nor greed, there is no capitalism within our nation; which includes all nations. Women are treated with respect within the longhouse culture of Coast Salish Territory. 

The Indian Act, schooling, languages, removal of our culture & traditions, all our normal freedoms, our way of life has left Aboriginal Women within this social pool of violence, poverty, with homelessness growing, loss of children to welfare (usually caused by poverty), and lack of self-esteem, nation wide. 

Our Aboriginal Women are treated so badly, even the police don't seek out the perpetrators or stalkers that target native women of Canada, nor do they keep track of the sex offenders that harm native women of Canada, and they never seem to protect native women nor jail the men that harm them? Why, because the Canadian Justice System if built on Patriarchy and Capitalism; the best lawyers of Canada charge an extensive amount per hour, and native women cannot afford them. Money talks in Canada under Capitalism. If you are non-native, male, and missing, chances are an investigation is successful; but not for native women. Native women come from poverty and treated as a "statistic" in big cities or small towns. They disappear and nobody cares! That is linear racialized sexual discrimination, by the Justice System of Canada! 

We seek justice and voice about racism, sexism, class-ism, and the violence toward Native Women of Canada? We seek changes in policy and legislation, and a voice for native women nation wide within the justice system for reform; in order to do that, we ask for your support and in-kind gifts. Please care, help & donate!


Native Women carry the "names" of the family! The Clan Mothers pass down names to each child born in the family. 

Native Women manage the economy of their family, community and nation.

Native Women carry the Word of Laws within the Nation. 

Patriarchy has eliminated the "social status" of native women; we need your support to find justice! 

Please help us and donate!

Many of our children age out of foster care, and moved around all over until they become invisible in the government system; allegedly to protect them. 

This is one sad story of one native girl in the system:

Most native mothers are poor, systemically pushed into poverty, no jobs, no support, sky rocketing rent. Many of our native mothers lose their children today, and its hopeless 

for them to get their children back. Help us end the Violence Against Native Women Canada! Please help us, by supporting and donating. 

Poverty doesn't mean bad parenting. Our children are used like an industry in Canada. It is structural violence against Native Women.


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