Giving birth at 14 years and being abused and maltreat❤️‍🩹

Never give up no matter how much it pains

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Hello friends 👋 My name is Malaika,,I would love to share these with young girls who got married and those who gave birth at young Early Age...

Am Malaika”Angel”,am 24 years now,I was forced into early marriage at the age of 14 years,I had my first son at 15 years and my second son at 17 years and later I had my 3rd son at 21 ,,my son's father abused almost every minute because of my Age and that claimed to own me😔,,yeah it wasn't a happy or good neither peacefully marriage.....but that wasn't the end of my life. 4 years back,I almost lost my life and the baby inside my womb...i was beaten really hard to death and I almost lost my 3rd son..that's how I realised that my age doesn't matter,my life and my sons is what matters.I have been a single mother for 3 good happy peacefully years now...I know it's challenging being a single mother but am glad, am happy and my boys are safe, and am doing my best to teach my boys that beating or maltreating girls or women or violence is not good,and I thank God their boys, otherwise if they were girls they could have feared men in their lives because they watched me being abused to the extent of my first son at 5 years standing up for me Infront of his father, trying to save me but....he ended up with a scar on his back, whenever he sees it now,he tells me ma'am,I will never be like my dad💔❤️‍🩹..... but now .I thank God it's all in past🙏


Please young mothers,my sisters , whoever reading this,,getting married at young age or giving birth at young age doesn't mean it's the end of your life,,you still have a happy and prosperity health and good life ahead you and mostly a SAFE life,.

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