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Global Call to Empower Women by Providing Access to Clean and Safe Water and Adequate Sanitation: The Women and Water for Global

My name is Ms Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie, I am a Cameroonian Geologist and Gender Ambassador of the Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) the Netherlands. I am also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Women International Coalition Organisation (WICO) International, Topical Curator of the Global Water Sustainability Forum (GWSF) of Pulse wire and a member of several global water organisation including the Global Water Partnership (GWP) the Freshwater Action Network (FAN) etc. For my 16 years experience of working in the field of water and sanitation, I say women must have access to resources such as water so they can be empowered to fight poverty, social justice and other ills against women: “We must reaffirm our commitment not only to the delivery of water, sanitation and forestry services, but to ensuring that we mainstream gender to ensure that women can also benefit from the development opportunities that arise when we provide such services.”
I am calling on all women worldwide to join the Women and Water for Global Development Program, this initiative aims to promote, assist, honour and celebrate the hard work of women, and to highlight the participation of professional and community-based women, and the key role women play in poverty eradication, social justice, education and sustainable development.
There is a need to align the institutional reform within our national and continental programs and women’s capacity must be built to play an active and important role to ensure that women and their families’ worldwide have access to clean/safe water and adequate sanitation. This would allow women not only to have water but also the representation on the relevant water structures and institutions.

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