Gonism: A Call to Reconnect to Mother Earth

Here's something to consider....

People are indoctrinated to want to get away from MotherEarth (separation from mother). We are encouraged to believe in heaven or hell, or escape and live on mars, or doomsday scenarios that will wipe us all out so we can "reset" or a rapture happens in which people mysteriously disappear leaving their clothes on the ground where they stood or sects of meditation/yoga beliefs that want to end thecycle of reincarnation of being born on earth. Instead of naming the problem, people would rather fool themselves with promises of a new earth and a new heaven instead of fixing the one we are destroying right now.

I call all this "Gonism". The irresponsible and callous desire to escape Earth, to always desire something better than what we already have right here.

No one owns the water,

No one owns the land,

No one owns the ocean,

No one owns the sand.

This is given from our mother,

The earth provides for free.

Only by the hands of the greedy

Does the earth require a fee!

Male domination, male violence and Abraham religions (or any religion that teaches god is "he") is the worst problem in the world! Failure to name this underlining cause continues the "Gonism" of people who spend too much time and energy thinking about where they want to go. We should stop fighting over who created the world and start fighting those who are destroying it.

To do that, we MUST notice where we happen to be right now and how we can help fix it, not run away or live in some un-achievable pipe dream. You did not come from a man's rib, youcame from your mothers womb. I bow to no man and no man's god.

I want to thank Mother India for being a light in the darkness. For preserving the most well developed Mother Goddess religion we have today and for preventing extinction of species and for being lifelong Earthkeepers. After thousands of years of being sought after and killed by patriarchs, India holds true to the Divine Feminine through Shaktism.“Prem se bolo 'jai mata di'! (Hail to the Goddess with love and respect).

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