Zapita village we reached out to 318 people.women, men, children,we gave cloths ,shoes bags and hats

Humanitarian work at zapita village

good deeds day is a global movement acrros the world ..we cerebrate good deeds every year in each country that is under good deeds ,I and my organization partnered with Goods deeds in 2018 since then we have been partners till date

I believe that every day is a good deeds day ,the little you have can reach out to many, I am a proud founder of community care trust that gives without espectations..

Giving is not only for rich people lets share the little we have and in corraboration there is power .I feel so sad to eat when someone is actually sleeping with no food .I feel sad to dress up properly when someone is actually putting on a torned cloth

A true humanitarian gives from the ❤️ heart

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