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My name is Mosibudi Masipa, Graduate at university of South Africa. I have graduated in BA Policy studies and majoring in politics. I am a Mother, sister, Aunt and advocate.

I am a single mother and have two kids. I grew up without a mother from the age of 22 years and raising my younger sister. My mother passed on while my younger sister was in grade 7 and I had to step up as mother to her, while our father remarried and decided to leave us to struggle.

I had to drop out of school from the university of limpopo in my final year of studying LLB. I had to fend by my talent in digital art skills and hairdressing to make money. At that early age I committed myself in church to keep me safe from the cruel world.

I basically grew up without parents but become a parent to my siblings. I registered at university of South Africa to further my studies and at the same I was connected to community advice and law center. I went there to seek work, but fortunately I was employed as the manager because of the knowledge I have acquired from the university.

I have worked in the center, to improve the lives of the community in hosting capacity building workshops, escorting woman are domestically abused and some who were robbed of their estate from the family relatives. It was initiative which mostly deal with human rights and fights any sort of abuse or violation of their human rights.

I have learned a lot and learned to be part of the community and continued to help the youth in registering for advancement of their studies to iniverties through other platforms of funds.

In the year 2022, I had ancestral calling while studying and answered it. I believe everyone has a right to practice every religion or tradition without been judged. Most people they judge traditional healers and not understanding that we don't have same gift of helping people. I am more of a herbalist and healing sickness.

Above all that, I am a motivator, passionate woman and helper. I want to start my own NGO which deals with issues which us as women, widows, and youth face on a daily basis. We face unemployment issues, unfair ejections of orphans from their parents home, domestic violence at large.

I would appreciate assistance from my fellow woman to help me start and motivate me in this endeavor and goal. I believe the community will love my story in becoming great in our community and help the needy families and disadvantaged in community.

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