Logo of Green Got Talent Initiative

Let's Advocate for climate change through artistic expressions and creativity.

"Green Got Talent" is an innovative and engaging project aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainability through creative expression. This project seeks to harness the power of the arts to inspire positive change in communities across East Africa, with a particular focus on Kenya and the wider region.

The project will consist of a series of talent showcases and competitions, featuring artists and performers who use their talents to address environmental issues and advocate for a greener future. These competitions will encompass various art forms, including music, dance, visual arts, poetry, and theater. Each performance will convey a powerful message about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable living.

Our goal is to engage a diverse and broad audience, from schoolchildren and young adults to families and communities. We aim to communicate the urgency of environmental conservation by presenting complex issues in an accessible and entertaining way

On Friday, December 22, 2023, we will be launching the initiative. Any support from moral support to financial support will be highly appreciated.

For contributions and any financial support towards Green Got Talent inbox privately to receive information on where to support

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