My name is Waiswa Moses Elijah from Wabulenga village, Uganda in East Africa. 

I am very grateful to share my story with you all.

I was born in 2003. I was born a twin but pre-matures. Unfortunately my twin brother didn't make it to, he died at our early ages and left me, I really miss him.

I have never had a chance of seeing my father as they told me that he just abandoned my mother after her producing twin due to fear for responsibility of raising twin children and other bad attitude some people in our community used to have towards twins. Up to right now no body knows where he is or alive.

My mother took up all the responsibilities of rising me up since my childhood.

 Unfortunately, in 2013 when I was ten years old ,my mother died in a fatal car accident when she was going to the market to sell mangoes for her to earn a living and acquire family needs.

 I became an orphan left with no one's concern, a friend of my mother whom I called aunt came to my rescue. 

She took care of me and educated me as well. Fortunately when I finished my Junior schooling, I joined high school and completing it was not such easy due to shortage of funds. My aunt could no longer facilitate my education since she had a lot of responsibilities from her biological children.

 I started working in order to get my tuition, digging for people in their plantations , construction sites.

 And because of God's love and mercy, I completed high school. 

Due to the fact that I experienced the life of being an orphan and also due to the rising number of orphans, abundoned children that are homeless in our community.

 I decided to welcome them to my residence and made them my responsibility. I started working together with them in order to get basic needs like clothes, food and also took them back to school.

As time moved on to now I was joined by friends to whom we share the same vision and we are working together to create a change in lives of needy children in our Community

Right know I and the friends we turned into a Care Home, registered by the authority as a Community Based Organizations CBO in the names of The Friends Community Foundation And Care Home and our objectives and vision are creat change in the lives of the children from poor families, orphaned and needful people in our community.

 I'm joined by a friend with a friend whom I share with the same goals and we are working together to see that we can create a change in our community.

 My dear friend, I humbly call upon your prayers that God bless us more inorder to pursue the dreams of these little angeles of the Lord.

Remember together together we can.

Let's grow hope, As we are the Friends Community Foundation And Care Home, the Grow Hope Foundation

May the Almighty God bless you abundantly. Much love from children in Uganda.

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