Growing up like an orphan yet both parents are Alive💔i was I was an Orphan🤕

Never give up no matter how much it pains

nothing hurts more than growing up like an orphan yet you both parents💔 growing in a family that you don't even exist🥺 becoming a house help in your father's house 😭 sometimes you wish you were an orphan, sometimes you wish you could die...but .. remember winners never quit,no matter how hard the situation is,it has never snowed forever, soon summer will come🫴 God knows your tomorrow 🙏.......I was born in a family with mother and father , but I grew up like an orphan yet my parents were alive,. sometimes I asked them I I was adopted or maybe they picked me from rubbish but still I got no answer until now ,I don't remember a day my mom said she loved me🥺I don't even remember a day my father bought me a new dress like he used to do to my siblings 😭 I don't even remember a day I sat on a dinning table and enjoyed a meal like others, but I never gave up on my life and I will never give up,i never lost hope and that's why my life is still going untill the day God will decide my Fate.

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