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A girl is roaming everywhere with a gulti. How strange to look at, Overall, it is very embarrassing to her parents. They face a lot of objections but no allegations. After all the girl is growing up. It is to think also. The neighbors are alert to see the teenaged (fourteen) as a girl of twenty-four.

As if the girl doesn’t care anything. She is a tall, just eight grader, this year. The girl perplexes each person, tries to dominate all. It is the effect of her father’s influence, something of her charming beauty, she also tops all in education.  It is, as if a very unique combination however reversed to someone.

She roams here and there all day along with a group of boys and girls. She leads them and hardly pays any heed to others. She commits whatever she thinks fit. Tunes are playing whole of the day. She rings freely, suddenly pulls the branches of trees, as same as a monkey.

She has a good number of fans; one large group also supports her. The majority of them are educated, who care for the tunes of Setara, The girl also teaches the illiterate ones for one hour, half is for the illiterate children and the next half is for adults. Setara is unique and different from others.

Fourteen years old Setara defeats many ones in many ways. People of chairman residence concede the defeat silently. They are the leaders of the area but Setara seldom bothers. Chairman tries to tame her for a separate factor. His son has got a chance to get admission in varsity, He is very meritorious. 

However, Setara perceives everything. They are notorious killers with stains of blood. The boy may be good but in vain. Setara’s father has clearly informed not to make any tie with the killers.

A fresh year appears as time passes with a change in everything. The problems sharpen in the month of March. Lastly the truth comes out. Setara wakes up in the morning and finds a day with a difference. Information is gathered and most of those are strange. The situation turned worse suddenly.

Learners usually rush in the evening. Today they will remain free from education, rather chalk out the next course of action, her lecture astonished all the participants, how she has acquired such huge words.

This is the start of the exceptions. They are very intelligent and not go with all. Rather they prepare themselves secretly. Setara is one of those rare personalities who attained experience of fifty-five years in a short span of fifteen years only. Her speaking is evidence. All return back to their home with at least one instruction.  Setara echoes the saying of Bangladesh. The struggle of this time is the struggle of independence. The news reached the chairman- that makes him smile. He has found a lot of Setara in his life. How fanny, a tiny girl of 15 would free the country.

Days pass, months pass at its normal pace.

Setara’s works continue secretly, nothing can be realized from outside. They are very tactful. Everything will be rained unless they remain tactful. However everything has an end, chairman tried hard to solve it out, his son, a varsity student, who returned home and joined with Setara’


s group. This is the right time to speak.

Setara’s group has assisted in some small operations. Involvement chairman’s son Mannan increased their strength several times. However as chairman was the head of the Peace Committee, he was in an embarrassing position. The greater thing, his son is currently his main opponent. When the chairman will resist Setara, Mannan, his son, is the main enemy.

Setara- Mannan, the duo get momentum at the locality. Freedom fighters stepped forward by their continuous victory. Collaborators were at stake to gather under the shelter of the chairman. They have one objection- that Setara has washed the brain of your son. They got married to each other and they are the challenge.

Chairman is in serious tension, how to cope with the enemies those are his near and dear ones. Is it the return of his efforts to educate his son? How he was defeated by a vagabond girl of fifteen years only?

It is dead of night. The chairman loaded his gun and went out silently. He rushed to their camp within the darkness and challenged Mannan with the gun. Setara was sitting aside surrounded by all others.

All became puzzled to see the chairman at that time, this is the time of fight between father and son. Chairman told in a mild tone, do you avoid me alone. It can’t be tolerated. I have come with my gun and the fight will start with a new dimension. All looked at the chairman.

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