Have you solved the puzzle of your life?


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Life is a puzzle!

Life is a puzzle

The stages of your life are puzzles that must be solved.

Are you smart enough to put all the pieces together and finish the task?

What do you notice in the end, even if you attempted with confidence? Part is missing... Yes, who will complete the puzzle's missing piece? Obviously, a brighter person, a thinker like you, because you realise what's missing, is that person?

Wait a second, you don't need anyone! 

But where do you acquire that information? Who made the puzzle for you, all of the above? Who sent intelligence to you to solve the problem?

Some times there are people around you who are holding the last piece of the puzzle. They, too, are occasionally unsure of how the puzzle fits together. So we need that last part and they need to complete it. Join hands and you will see how puzzles solve smoothly and you might also have a puzzle left to put in the rig

So many puzzles together can be solved with unity and support

So we need that last piece, and they must finish it. Join your hands to observe how puzzles solve neatly, and you could even have a puzzle left to put in the proper lace.

With unity and support, so many puzzles can be solved at once. 

Are you willing to take on the challenge?


Batool Kazmi



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