HeForShe Against Rape

My cover photo portrays young girls and myself at the university of Bamenda Plus a single mâle we came together to learn on ways to curb Rape making sure men are involved

Photo Credit: Fountain of Hope For The Girl Child Cameroon

heForShe against Rape in My community

heForShe is an initiative we intend to carry out to get young girls and boys involved in the sensitization against rape in the community. Rape awareness should not only be made known to girls who are the most vulnerable. Men ought to know since the act mostly comes from them per say. So we intend to educate 150 girls and 150 boys making a total of 300 ready youths to go out there and teach the public what they know about rape . The rate of rate Is rapidly increasing especially when statistics are gotten from the public health centers who recieve and treat medically rape cases, men therefore ought to be aware and pass it on. This is why we choose to include the male Gender to get involved with the sensitization. We aim at making sure these young boys and girls carry on the messages they have learn into their various communities and tell someone to tell someone who will keep passing on the messages against

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