Help adolescent girls avoid early pregnancy

According to W.H.O , Every year 12 million girls aged between 15-19 years gives birth in developing regions (Cameroon inclusive).

 In this statistics, it shows that there are 10 million unintended pregnancies...This simply means these pregnancies are not planned call it unwanted pregnancy.

Consequently, because these girls get pregnant before they attained the age of maturity, childbirth🧑‍🍼 and pregnancy🫄 complications are high amongst these age group and it is said to be the greatest cause of death rate amongst girls globally.

Due to this high rate of death during childbirth, approximately 3.9 million girls undergo unsafe abortions every year 🤦

As a direct consequence, 3 out of 5 deaths occurs in conflict, displacement or disaster situations.

From the above statistics, we can clearly understand that, there is high risk in getting pregnant at a very tender or adolescent age. The risks are enormous, it destroy our physical and physiological ability to face life at a time. 

Our children grow up to face problems that could have been avoided had it been we took our Time.

At times We tend to form able and strong women just to meet up the the difficult Task of single parenthood. Even when we ourselves still need to be loved and love 💕

In all these, Young girl! sistos...why are you rushing to be pregnant??? 

the stress you see all these single moms around go through is it not enough to make you change your mind about unhealthy sexual Life????

 Are you not scared of dying like others????

 Are you not worried about the health issues that awaits you? Imagine yourself after childbirth with 18-35 stiches on your V🥺 how long do you think v.. tightener will help you???🤦 

On the other hand, in neighborhood we have Young girls going through difficulties as a result of the conflict in the NOSO yet some of us are unwilling to help these girls to educate them on certain basic but very important areas of Thier sexu@l life, we can't even help and give them a single pad rather we are the one arranging programs for them with certain persons to gain little favors with few francs or for a bottle of drink 🍷. Tell me how will it help you if this Young girl gets pregnant... Had it been your sister would you have done same? 

Let join hands and help our youngsters nit to fall in the same pit or make the same mistake we did when we had thier age.♥️❤️♥️

Let us help them attain maturity with all confidence and contribute our own quota to nation building.❤️♥️💓

Let us reduce the rate of maternal death amongst adolescent girls during childbirth and the only way is to help them avoid early pregnancy🫄. 

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