HIV Testing

Today at work I was just having a quick chat with my colleague when the conversation turned to her 17 year old niece, whom she would like to have the HIV Test, however she is afraid of the results. I had to ask what were her geatest fear. My colleague explained to me a few issues which have left me thinking deeping about some things we take for granted.

If the HIV TEST IS POSITIVE the impact this will have on a teenager:
1.Employment: many employers are reclutante to give jobs to people living with HIV(PLWH). WHY?????????????
2.Friends/Family : Difficulty in breaking the news to friends/family
3. Travel & Health Insurance
4. Society: being rejected or isolated in community setting such as church, college
5. Emotional impact: self blame;Depression,
6.Rejection: not being able to find true love

On the other hand one can look can argue that its better to know the results now and get treatment early than late.

My big question to you all mothers, how would you deal with the issue of HIV and the stigma still attached to it. At work I still find people who believe that HIV is an African problem, and it should not be discussed openly. How are we to educate the young generation about HIV when we can not face the reality of life. People are living to old age and being HIV positve does not stop one from carrying out their interest.

Just wondering what is the next step forward

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