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Honoring Global Women of the Ages via the co-creation of a Divine Feminine AVE! Award & Women Empowerment Movement!

Why I want to become a Global Consultant!

My own personal goal is to live my life as a vehicle for spirit to work through for social and spiritual empowerment of Women. I believe that there is a movement happening which is guiding the Earth Changes, and we as Women are being asked and empowered by this Divine Energy to stand in our power to uncover the Ancient Wisdom of the truth of who we are, and why we are here on Earth at this powerful time of Change.

As a messenger and supporter of this movement, I dedicate all of my time, knowledge and talents towards the goal of creating a global event and movement that empowers Women on How To Gather Together to make a difference in the World by co-creating World Peace.

This process for me has been in the forefront for the past 15 years., I am excited, because now around the globe, new and existing Women's groups are gathering momentum as many women are ready and willing to come together for a higher vision. The AVE! Movement vision is an outreach to gather these women around the world in "Circles of Love."

Circles have been used by women throughout the ages, and now the power of the circle is being harnessed for a global movement of peace. The goals of this AVE! Movement are many; the manifestation is specific. Women will organize and gather in all countries around the planet in 2012, and an International AVE! Award celebration event will culminate in an overnight prayer vigil televised from the King's Chamber of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt on Mother's Day, May 2013.

Connecting these Circles of Love is key, and therefore, prior to this overnight vigil, there shall be a globally televised stadium event featuring and acknowledging "Women of the Ages," (much like the Oscars or Emmys) awarding women whom have made a difference in the world through Women Empowerment initiatives, featuring the actions of such "Circles of Love."

At the same time as this global event is happening televised from Egypt (to support peace in the Middle East), Women's Circles of Love "overnight prayer vigils" shall be interactively going on throughout the globe, and teleconferenced via TV and Internet. Using technology tools and social networking, such as, Women's groups, nonprofits, and sponsors, Women based programs shall be the primary participants, supporters and promoters of this effort. (This is in perfect alignment with Oprah's current Million Women Initiative, of which we are a member).

Celebrities, Outstanding Women in the Arts and Sciences, as well as, Political and Spiritual Activists such as Amma, Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Taylor, and Madonna (just to name a few); and other such current day powerful women who are already in the spotlight making a difference, shall be acknowledged and awarded the AVE! (honoring the divine feminine) Award.

Using the criteria co-created during this mentorship program, there shall be a global contest created to research and submit Women of the Ages that have made a difference, and have the world-wide community vote on who would be candidates for the AVE! Award. The primary impetus for this AVE! Award program is to recognize and encourage Women to have a voice for world peace that can be heard in their own communities and in the world.

The goal of this AVE! Award process is to combine this International platform of AVE! Movement and for the celebration and collaborative resulting promotion of this Divine Feminine Movement. Women gathering in community Circles of Love for prayer, song, meditation, activism, health, empowerment, and sharing information of all things make a positive difference in their lives, and the lives of other women in their community.

The world shall see, understand and know "How To" be a part of this AVE! Movement via TV, the Internet, and at "face-to-face" global fundraising events, as we gather women to stand for a collective Highest Vision of World Peace by Mother's Day, May 2013.

This AVE! Movement is possible of becoming a global reality, by my becoming a global Correspondent!

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