How great is our world, how tiny is our meditation How Climate change is feminist issue ?

How can meditation help us to imagine the problem situation climate change ,,each one according to his field, his level or his intrests.

Biologically,I can imagine that every creature in our world represents a cell in the body of the ecosystem just as like as the role of the cell In the tissue of the human being body, If any harm touch one cell,all the organism become sick that is what happens in nature when a damage occurs somewhere in the air or in water even in the soil

I can also say that since the human being has got a side of goodness just as he has a side of abuse and what overwhelmed him appeared in his behaviour and nature is the one that is affected and so reflects to him the consequences of what ever direction he chose .Unfortunately the negative changes that occurred in our climate are the results of the bad side that man carries within him from wasting water, indiscriminate fishing in the seas, rivers and forests fires in addition to pollution In the air,water which increased disasters such as floods, earthquakes high temperature and droughts.

If only we can believe that our planet earth In which we live is not different from our small houses in which we live with our family sharing roles in it , affected by each other and at the same time influence each other in good and bad times ,therefore the responsibility falls on everyone of us.The matter is similar in our cosmic world,we share the same life, so everyone is affected by all the néfaste changes, the air,water fauna and flore.

How can the climate changes be a feminist issue?

Here we can understand the secret . How women are the most affected by climate changes ?first of all let's talk about disasters that happen in the world ,each time great number of the women and children died or injured, the victims are mostly women and children it's just because they were inside their houses when the earthquakes happened or the forest caught fire or water flowed their houses however men were out or they could escape even sometimes we could see mother refusing to be rescued until she makes sure that her children were safe ,this fact is real in all natural phenomenons baby or a child is aralways close to his mother that's why they share the same fate in good and bad times.i

"In our village life is not the same many things changed to the worse because of the climate changes " explained my aunt.

Women used to work on farms the production was abandant but nowadays it is difficult to work because of the climate ,we cultivate only crops that need less water however it's not satisfied we can't afford to buy many necessary food or hygienes as soap shampoo even hygienic napkins nowadays we are taking bath once a week not as we used to do .we used to make olive oil produced from our olive trees,it was essential for our skin care and also home remedy during winter season for all the families but it is not available as the trees no loger bear enough olives . Ladies used to make kitchen utensils from clay they made potteries which men sell and get living and bring what their wives need but it is a long time it has not rained ,the soil dried and no handicraft are kept in our houses "really women here are facing issues caused by the weather "she continued ,here most girls don't go to school anymore because their parents are enable to buy them the necessary school things on the other side daughters have to get married at early age for them it's away to reduce the number of the children and find someone else to share the responsibility with them

Pauverty has greatly spread this due to the changes that occur in the atmosphere . industry and Big facturies are damaging our ecosystem they are killing the human fauna and flore the only thing that matters is how they make fortune to lead this world and dominate the industry marketing neglecting to look behind there where most of human are suffering from the disadvantages of this industry and development

what can those who have farms and their living depends on what land gives do do to find solutions for this obstacles ?

over history women participated and took part they could be the leaders of many achievements mastress of successful projects not just man we saw in coronavirus time women in several spots in the world working and giving communities helps they managed to do their best by sewing bavettes,making meals , looking after patients nights and days when the women are really taken in consideration as well as their partners men our world Will be able to solve several issues that man himself is mostly the responsible .

Climate Change
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