How I was Rape part 2

The veranda I slept after my dad had locked the door which later let to Rape

Part 2. How I was Rape in Hevecam around pond de Niété at night. What happened 15 years back?

 When I return back from DLA, I no one cared about me rather there was a serious tussle amongst my parents. And either blamed me for giving the money I was paid to the other meanwhile I never even knew where the money was. 

Amist all this, I was getting depressed as all my mate were going to school and I was left behind doing nothing. I will go to the farm and back home while people kept asking me how is school why are you not in school yet I had no answer.

 So on this fateful I went to our neighbors house to watch a series called (Miranda) it use to pass at 7:30 -8:00pm upon returning my dad hat locked the door knowing how wild he could be when it comes to beating I didn't knock but rather slept on the veranda. Early that morning at about 3 am when it was his time to go to work I got up and left the place so he won't beat me that morning. 

Fortunately for me my mom returned from her journey that same day and got report from my Dad that I didn't sleep at home. So she called me in to ask what had happened when u was about to explain my dad fell on me and started punching 🤛 my mom succeeded to free me which I ran out and decided to run to my uncle place in camp 13 for refuge.

Along the way I met these guys (5) who opted to accompany me taking into consideration that places where already getting dark.

I followed them until we arrived "

(pond the niété) the bridge separating the two camp when they said .... Nespa ton père se ventais souvent avec toi? Kil vienne Encore nous faire sa bouche .... ( Your father useto cherish you na let him comme again and make that his mouth here)🤦 they then dragged me to the rubber farm besides while threatening that if I resist they will throw me in that water.

While in that farm the First Guy and the second Rape me before I went unconscious. As For the others I don't know what happened. 

It was the following day when the woman in charge of that farm came and met me, she then gave me her loin because my dresses couldn't be found anywhere around me. She took me to her house gave me water to bath and food before continuing to my uncle place.

 But what embodied me at that time couldn't allow me explain what had happened so I kept it to myself till when my uncle took me back to my parents. 

I then joined a group of boys with and got involved smoking and drinking to with our leader being (Mark) which got my Dad more furious. But all these didn't hide the fact that I use to get moody and cold yet no one asked what was wrong except for this guy behind our house (Thierry ) who was a night watch .

I then open up to him. He he kept encouraging me and telling me stories until I succeded to stop alcohol and cigarettes. I was 14 years and 9 months by then. 

And I begin to ask this questions.

 parents tell me when you fight constantly have you thought about the psychological state of your children and how they get affected?

Do you give a listening ear to your children and pay attention to thier mood?

Do you always pick flights with your neighbors your children could pay the capital price?

Are you the type that send your children out to work money meant for family use at thier tender age???

Do you pay attention to the type of friends around your child or the people your children open up to? They might just use your child problem to take advantage of them .

Well from this short story I believe every parent will pick a point that could help them protect thier children more.🥰

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