How it feels when someone steals an idea or creative output of yours

I had some idea of how to protect myself online but going through the safety and security course by World Pulse has upped my game.

For example I had no idea that Apps that can help you protect your password or even Grandma's strategy of changing of the cover of her notebook where she stores her passwords like Kirthi narrated 😉 can also be useful .

previously, I was suspicious of using browsers but now I feel more comfortable.

I learnt what terms like Malware and Spyware means and how such viruses can get into your phone

Just recently,I have followed Kirthi's advice not to click on just any link.

Someone here says s/he wants to feature me in her podcast and said I should click a link I checked her/his profile . There is basically nothing to see so I won't be clicking that link .

I also learnt more about intellectual property and how painful it can be to use your time,skills to develop something only for someone else to use it.

I have actually experienced that.

Many years ago,I remember sending a proposal for a cultural media project to an arm of a foreign embassy (it was their cultural centre ) here in Nigeria. I thought they would invite me to collaborate but they stole my ideas and did not give me any form of acknowledgement.

A family member and my close friend alerted me to the TV program they used my idea to start.That hurt

But I felt I was a small fry. I did not know what to do so I let it go but doing this course now makes me more equipped to handle such situations .

Also Kirthi highlighted the difference between appreciation which is giving attributes to the original source and using another person's idea without acknowledging in any form or matter.

Acknowledging the work of others when it is used is so important.

I also participated in the fake news exercise that is part of the course . Helping one to differentiate fake news from the real stuff. and in one of the exercises .I got to learn through a CNN report which is a verified source that they might be a new planet. Maybe I should visit 🤔🤔

Thank you World Pulse for this opportunity. I deeply appreciate

Training - Safety and Security
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