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How To Operate a Successful Fundraiser Online.

In March I started an online campaign to raise money so I could publish a large amount of my book, I Am More Than Just a Girl. These books would be given to various youth organizations and young women I have worked with. Though I did want to raise more than my final amount I am very happy with the results. So here is an overview of what I did and how it worked.

I marketed the fundraiser via email, on my website, blog and Facebook. To collect the donations I created a widget from PayPal Labs. This had a photo of my book, a description of my fundraiser and showed in real time all the donations I received. People could donate directly through this widget with paypal or a credit card. I posted this widget on every page of my website.

On my blog I wrote a new post every Thursday. I included updates on the monetary progress and also shared names of the people and businesses who donated.

Through email I sent a letter once a week with the same updates that were posted on my blog. I changed the wording some so that it was more personal. I used my personal email for close friends and family and used my business email to share with my business connections and acquaintances.

On Facebook I posted updates 3 times a day on my page and the page for my book. I also created an online event to publish me book. I invited every one of my contacts. Every time someone RSVP'd a yes I thanked them and asked them to invite 5 people they knew. Creating this event worked out great and really helped me expand my reach. I received an extra $100 from people who attended that online event.

I did also receive some donations that were mailed in. I suggest adding your address to your website during the campaign so you can receive more donations.

In the end I raised $500 over the $100 from myself. The campaign lasted for 40 days. I would have gone longer, but I wanted to get the books published and sent out to several organizations that had requested a copy.

I hope you find this information helpful for your next fundraiser or marketing campaign.

Northern America
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