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How World Pulse can Help Gather Women in Circles of Love Around the World!

I would like to answer the question that I received from one of our World Pulse Members.

She said that she would have liked my last journal to explain more about how World Pulse could help in my vision for the AVE! Movement.

For those of you who may not know what this movement is, it is gathering women in Circles of Love Around the World culminating in an overnight prayer vigil televised from the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt on Mother's Day, May 2013.

As this may seem like a large undertaking, which it is, it is not possible without the help of online communities, such as World Pulse. As World Pulse if focused on Gathering Women around the world, it is very easy to see how a project could be established via Pulse Wire that empowers women to gather in their own communities to share their experiences of gathering in Circle.

The ancient tradition of Women Gathering in Circle goes back to ancient times. As I read the journals of the Women gathered here, they are all appear to be interested in helping and supporting the Women in their local communities.

Of course each situation and community has different needs, and it would be perfect to have the organizers of each Circle corresponding just outcomes and solutions that affect their group to the rest of the global groups via

Gathering in Circles globally is easy, communicating the needs, wants, desires, wins, ideas, and ways that women can interact to achieve a global outcome is more challenging. The vision that I see is World Peace. I feel that it will start when Women are given the freedom to express themselves in a way that gives them a voice that can be heard. I feel that is the exact thing that can give women that voice.

Then I feel that the interaction with others in the world that can help to make a difference in others lives via mentorships, funding, and other such related outcomes and solutions, will benefit the Women in the Circles. Like anything else on the web, the voices must be found, and the listeners must trust that their interactions can really make a difference.

With over a year to go until the "televised event," we have time to test the process over a 90-day period to co-create the viable promotion for this AVE! Movement, which at that time should be presented to major Empowerment Women, such as Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and spiritual leaders such as Amma, and other powerful Women in government such as the First Lady, Michelle Obama. All governments should be asked to participate with their Women Leaders.

Through the efforts of gathering for a large ceremonial event in Egypt, featuring all of the successes that we have had over the year and awarding AVE! Awards to those that have really made a difference and how, it can be a global way to fortify that we can have peace. Governments can come together, Mothers can come together, Women can come together and all can stand together for World Peace.

In the process we look for solutions to Peace in the Middle East, and every other facet of the issues we hear and read about on World Pulse, that take money, solidarity and hardcore solutions that are global issues as well as planetary.

This Divine Feminine AVE! Movement is meant to empower women to have a voice and to use it for social change via an overnight prayer vigil that can also bring in the power of belief in a higher source that we all surrender to in whatever fashion that relates to each one of us.

All are Welcome, and Together We Shall Rise above all of the challenges of the world we live in, as long as we believe that it is possible and use this network to its fullest potential!

That is my hope for utilizing World Pulse to promote the vision for World Peace by Mother's Day, May 2013!

Northern America
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