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How would you react when you discover your partner is unfaithful?

In our quest for gender equality there is a specific factor we need to have in mind –‘our personality’. Due to certain social issues especially our love life, our emotional, physical, social, moral and spiritual stances are affected. It turns out no matter our high standard or age in life we sometimes loose grip of our personality an act in an unlikely manner and it usually tells on our input in life – jobs, inspiration, comportment, temperament as such the question is- HOW WOULD YOU REACT IF YOU FIND OUT YOUR PARTNER, SPOUSE, HUBBY, FIANCÉ, LOVER, BOYFRIEND, MATE OR WHAT EVER APPELLATION YOU CHOOSE TO USE IS UNFAITHFUL AND CHEATING ON YOU?

I understand some women can go to extreme by committing suicide or murder killing the partner or concubine; others accost their partner or the lady in question or even engage in open combat. Others whom I would say are weak-minded allow themselves to experience emotional breakdown, while some decide to ignore holding it is a typical tendency for men to have more than a single affair as such there is nothing a woman can do especially if he meets their needs. I have many friends who have said this to me.

There is a story of a girl who comes from a rich family background. She was sent abroad to study but she ended up without any major career, she then returned to Cameroon. Her father had a business and entrusted her with the management. She then had this guy she was dating; I don’t know the in-depth of their discussions but from what I heard there was supposed to be a marriage proposal. For one, this lady was not getting any younger. She then rented and furnished a house for this guy.

Meanwhile this guy had another serious affair with a lady and they had a child but he was with this other one for her money. It got to a stage where the family business was suffering from mass deficit. Coincidentally, her dad confronted her with regards to the mass deficit for her to give an account, even making her know that in spite of all the money spent on her she never came up to any good and she has other siblings schooling and they all depend on this family business so why the mismanagement. Around the same period she learnt about the guys other relationship. In fact she was in a beauty saloon and some ladies where discussing it not knowing her in person, so that’s her she got to know. Thinking about all that she had spent on this guy which has cost a drop in the family business and realisng the guy really did not care about her but what she could offer, she couldn’t stand it all and decided to take her life.

Personally in my immature stage I would cry my eyes out but today I’m more experience and have come up with resolutions and principles. As such, if my partner decides to continue to be unfaithful after I must have dialogue with him then I guess I will just have to go on with my life. I do not consider it worthwhile for a woman to stress herself for an uncompromising love relationship.

As they say ‘you can give a man your whole heart but can’t force him to love you’ I will equally add ‘you can give a man your all but can’t tie him down to be faithful.’

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