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Hello WORLD, if you read my story which I'm sharing you today, you will know how simple it is to make this world A WAR FREE ZONE.

in the first Covid-19 lockdown season, when all the world was too much worried, when American soldiers were bowing and praying on their streets, staffs started working in prayer it was all beautiful. it was a time to reconcile with God. I do pray always, but it was long ago I bow down and pray for hours. I started praying as I did long time ago, joined prayer virtual group and it is successful. 

i sat on a same chair tutoring my niece for eight months. I wrote a script and we made animation. the story goes like this: Two little children, appeared by a military camp without any plan. They heard about war weapons, men like their father are killing each other in a war front. this has annoyed them greatly and they made plan, they do their assignment in their country and connect with another little girl from the neighbor country...they removed all war weapons, they made the soldiers farm accessories out their tanks and stuffs. They changed the military camps in two countries in to a beautiful resorts. It's made in Amharic language.

It is as simple as this cartoon if we all are in need of peace.  

When I was very young I heard somebody said, "Switzerland has never had a war."  Have you ever been jealous of a country? I did and I'm jealous of Switzerland. Are you not asking me why? E...h! Even if you don't want to ask me, I'm gonna tell you why I'm jealous of this country. I don't know if there was a war in my country when I was born. But, when I was in the elementary school, I remember walking in the middle of some demonstration holding hand in hand with my younger brother and a group of many small children. I don't remember if there was ten years old child among us, we were very small. We saw military jeeps carrying guns, we saw high school students shouting and singing, we heard sound of gun shots and in the middle of that huge drama, we went to school in big group and return home safe. when we reached home, my Mom used to say;  "Have you come my children? Here is your snack? Or "Come here, wash your hands and eat your lunch." We went to school in the morning and came for lunch. We went for afternoon class and return home after 4:00 pm. My brother and I were the best students in our classes. I just remembered how my brother started school. One evening, my parents were discussing about Teddy. They were saying;" He should start school in September."  For me, September was the next morning. As he was my only play mate in the compound, I was happy to take Teddy to school in the morning with me. I didn't know the procedures to get a child registered at schools. I was so excited to go to school with my brother. Because the other brother Teshu who walked with me to my school with his friend Goitom are going to another school this year. In the morning, I woke Teddy up and whispered to him, "Let's go to school." We went to school, I told him to stand in a line with the first graders. He really wanted to stick with me. I told him, he's new and he's going to start learning in that class. Before the break on the third period my Amharic teacher entered and said my name. My big eyes grown bigger. "You brought your brother today, and he is crying in that class. He is saying take me to my sister. he has no books, no pencil, nothing to write on. When I ask him anything he just cries." My little heart went out to my brother. The bell rang and I pushed in the corridor to go to Teddy. I asked him why he cried. He complained about the female teacher; "That teacher really disturbed me. A student with no pencil. A student without book. Why do they send you without giving you a student supposed to carry to school? I don't like her. That is why I cried."   We had more two periods, I don't remember how he managed to finish those ones. We went for lunch. On the way home, while I was proudly walking home with my younger brother, one teenage boy whose name was Yosef met us. "Hey!!! Where had you been? Is there any place that we were not looking for you? Your Mom is very worried. She is going to whip you as soon as you reach home. Teddy!!! Wooo, un to you!!!". "You are lying, Mom won't bit me. My dad and her were saying I should start school, that is why my sister brought me to school. Go away and don't try to scare me." said Teddy. "Really? You think I'm joking? GO home and you'll see how your mom is mad at you. She sent all the boys in the neighborhood in different directions to search for you. She did that because she sent you to school, right?" said Yosef and left us. We reached home, we crossed our big compound and climbed up the stairs. I opened the front door and entered, Teddy followed, my Dad was reading news paper and he put it down and burst out with laughter. We stood there, "Was Teddy with you?" asked my dad. "Yes, I was in school. It was good . Only that teacher didn't create problems for me." said Teddy. My father kept laughing, my Mom came from the kitchen wiping her wet hands and stared at Teddy with an amazement. She joined our dad, and pulled Teddy to her side and showered him with kisses. in the afternoon, Teddy was given books, pen and pencil and my Dad followed us to school to register him formally. We grew up and we were high school students. The next compound to our house on the left, lost their father. I don't remember if he was sick or it was a sudden death. They do all the funeral process and mourning season was gone. I was in tenth grade. I was in the first shift, from 7:30 am- 10:10 am. I returned home and was brewing coffee for my parents and preparing to serve lunch. I heard very unusual sound from outside. My father was reading newspaper. When he finds something interesting he read it louder to my Mom. He stopped reading and tried to recognize the sound from outside. I put the coffee clay pot and walked outside. Very scary sound was being heard near our house. I jumped of the verandah and peeped through the gate. Men on horse's back, carrying spears and shield were galloping towards our entrance. When I looked back, my dad was by the door of the sitting room. I told him;" Go inside." He moved one step to me, Mom came from inside following him. I shouted at then; "Go inside! Stay inside! It's a war!!!" I screamed. My father walked down and told me to shift aside so that he can open the door and go out. MY mother also came and their faces were fearless, I'm screaming and pushing them to go inside. "Go inside please, it's a war. they're carrying spears and shield. If you go out they'll kill you. I won't allow you to go out. This time my tears were flowing. But, I pushed both my parents to the sitting room and locked the door by standing against it. My father said in a very soft voice; "There is no war. They come to mourn to our late neighbor. They are speaking Oromigna, I do understand what they are saying and you don't. Now allow us to go and mourn with them." That was such a great relief, but when you live in a war zone this is the only think that you can imagine.  The new government, the chaos, bullets popping everywhere like popcorns, some people died on their bed by a bullet which priced their roof. My two sisters and I were in a friend's place. We used to call her Hirut Tefe. We had a prayer meetings. Behind their house was a North Korean Embassy. TPLF forces break in to the embassy and reside in by then. Hirut's younger sister Ejigua and me were in their kitchen. The TPLF soldier whistled. He showed some signs, I didn't understand what he meant. She pointed her forefinger and said no, by moving it left and right. He said something in his own language. We walked to the sitting room to join the prayer. after two minutes or one, we heard  a gun shot. We smell something different. My younger sister sat on a sofa chair which I rested my arm on it from the back. The mother of the house jumped and said,: "I saw Bullet coming in throw the roof next to Aster, and it went out. Aster is my sister, I sat behind her ...and we didn't understand the drama happened in a twinkle of an eye. The guy who was leading the prayer walked to Aster's chair back side and the smell was stinky. I followed his eyes and stared on the floor. There was a small circle dug by the bullet. We run outside, the bullet dug the circle and got out through the small opening of the French door and rested on their verandah. That was such a big miracle. If the bullet was piercing the roof few centimeters forward, Aster's head was blown. Prayer is such a great weapon. Why was he shooting? We were praying and he was aiming at us. The God we were worshipping has covered us by His Mighty arm. I was in Kenya on election season 2005. A guy who knows me ...calls me and asked me to advice one Ethiopian in his office. I was staying in Buru Buru by then in Nairobi. I walked to Upper Hill from the center of the town to the guy's office next to British Embassy. No one was allowed to that ...Head Quarter. The security stopped me, questioned me and I explained to him I was there by the invitation of Mr. Ndivo. He informed Mr. Ndivo to open the get for me and let me in.  I walked to the door's number I was told by the security. Ndivo came and inserted the card and opened for me. That was the first time to see the electronic card opening a door. He started his story. " WE have an Ethiopian guy in this building. Someone from Ethiopia sent him to our office. He's staying in the office, cook his food in the kitchen and used to go and sleep in his hotel. Now, he's sleeping here at night. He is hiding from someone, we don't know. Because we know you very well, talk to him and advice him what he should do. Someone can't push the days by hiding, you know." I was told to meet the guy in the kitchen. I don't remember his name, but I've some vague picture of a scarred guy in my mind.  "Ndivo called me to meet you and give you some advice. I don't know why you are here, and I don't know who you are, I don't know why he chose me to advice you. Tell me please what is going on? He told me someone followed you to this compound with a gun, and you refused to go to the hotel after that." "He told you that? Here is the story. WE had demonstration at home. in Addis Ababa, we won the election. I mean the party we are supporting won the election in Addis Ababa. But, TPLF announced that the victory is his. Demonstration was organized day by day. And I was on my fifth year Engineering school, I was going to graduate by now if there was peace in Ethiopia. I was a member of student council. I was one of the leaders of the demonstration at the campus. I'm an orphan from Dire Dawa, one foreigner was supporting me to finish school. He was supporting me until I left Ethiopia. When the government started shooting the demonstrator, we had to run. Our pictures were on the front pages of every newspaper.  It was easy to grab us and we made a quick disappearance. We made to Moyale ,Kenya Border. We were four, from same university. While we were walking through the bush, one of the guy asked: "Let's say, we made it to Nairobi. What are we going to do next?" I removed a paper from my pocket which I was given by my foreigner sponsor. He told me to go to this address and they'll provide me a support. All the guys read the address turn by turn. Then when we came to the crossing line, I talked to our soldiers in Ormigna ;"MY sister married a Kenyan man, and I'm here to visit her. She is not very far from here." They let me pass. When I reached to the line where the Kenyan soldiers were I spoke to then in English: " My older sister married your brother and they live around here. Can I cross and visit them? I won't take long." I was allowed to cross.  My friends were not able to communicate in Oromigna, they were arrested. I made it here, I do things on the computer in this office to make myself busy. I was sleeping in  a hotel and this office paid everything for me. Until one guy came to this compound who carried a small case and was talking too much. He went to the general director to discuss his situation with him. The director General called me and  commanded me to take care of the guy until they call the Ethiopian Office to confirm if he was sent to get help from that white man's office. I was given extra money to pay for him for a hotel and to buy him dinner. When we were walking to my hotel, he said to me; "This government has become so smart." I replied: "Especially in killings." His face shines and said; "That is why I fled from home. They don't allow us to live." he added. We reached at the hotel. He refused to sleep in another room, but with me. I said okay and encouraged him to take shower. He entered the shower room, turned on the water and made a big noise. He was not bathing. He was on the phone with someone from somewhere. If he has a phone, he 's not a refugee from Ethiopia, he's in to something. I was alerted. I walked to his case and unzipped it. I was terorized to see a gun covered well by a sweater. I locked the room from outside. I reported the hotel manager i scarred for my life and to give me another room down stairs. I left the room by 3:00 am and run to this office. I met the securities and explained what happened to me. He was sent here to kill me. The next morning he came here and made a big noise. He was told to leave the compound, he said;" He won't leave the place without me. Ndivo warned him; " If you refuse to leave this compound, I'll call securities from British High Commission to pick you up. You can choose which way to leave." Then he left. I'm sure one of my friend studied the adress and name of the office while we were walking through the woods in Moyale. he must be the one who gave my information when they whip the hell out of him. We greW up running away from death. You saw me how I fought to save my parents from the war I imagined about it. In a modern world, I thought of war with a pierce and shield, because that was my ancesstor's story.  You see this guy who run away from being killed and was almost killed in his hotel room. AN ORPHAN, WHO MADE IT TO THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND WAS ABOUT TO BE A WASTE ONLY FOR POLITICAL BENEFITS. IS NOT THIS EVEIL? ALL POLITICIANS, THINK ABOUT YOUR OWN CHILDREN, NEPHEWS, NIECES AND ALL JUST FOR A MOMENT. WILL YOU SMILE IF ANY OF THEM GET KILLED BY THE EVE OF THEIR GRADUATION DAY? i KNOW, YOU WON'T. THEN, WHY YOU BREW WAR FOR OTHERS?  WHO ARE THE DESIGNERS OF MODERN WAR WEAPONS? NINETY PERCENT OF THE WAR WEAPON FACTORIES ARE BEING RUN, BY WHO? ARE THE DRONES AND MISILES FROM AFRICA OR ASIA? THEY ARE NOT. ARE WE A TESTING STATION FOR YOUR WAR WEAPONS? ARE TELLING US YOU CAN DESTROY OUR COUNTRY ANY TIME YOU WANT? DO YOU CREAT US? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU THINK YOU CAN GIVE US LEADERS AND YOU CAN TAKE AWAY LEADERS FROM ANY COUNTRY? OPEN YOUR EYES, PLEASE. GOD IS THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. HE IS THE ONE THAT GIVES LEADERS TO EVERY NATION AND HE IS THE ONE TAKE AWAY POWER FROM ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, BUT NO ONE ELSE. I'M NOT A PEACHER, BUT A BIBLE READER. READ THE BOOK ROMAN TO PROOF THIS. AND THE BOOK OF DANIEL SAID: " I SAW THE GOVERNMENT WHICH IS WEAK AS CLAY SMASHED THE IRON GOVERNMENT, IN MY REVELATION." WHO IS THE IRON GOVERNMENT? WHO IS THE EXAMPLE OF CLAY GOVERNMENT? I JUST DON'T KNOW. BUT CLAY REPRESNTS WEAKNESS, AND IRON REPRESENTS POWER AND MIGHT. THE WORD OF GOD IS SAYING, THE CLAY WILL SMASH THE IRON. WAKE UP WORLD! REPENT! REPENT! REPENT! GOD IS SO ENVIOUS WHEN IT COMES TO HIS GLORY. POWER AND GLORY BELONGS TO HIM ALONE. IF THERE IS A NATION OR GOVERNMENT WHO SAYS I'M MIGHTY, I CAN DO ANYTHING TO ANY COUNTRY I WANT, THIS WON'T PLEASE THE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. REMEMBER WE ARE ALL HIS CREATIONS. AS FAR AS CREATURES ARE AVAILABLE, THERE IS A CREATOR. HE HAS ALL THE POWER TO DO ANYTHING TO THIS WORLD ACCORDING TO HIS WILL. WE CAN'T CHANGE ANY OF HIS PROMISES, IT WILL ALL COME TO PASS BUT IN HIS APPOINTED TIME. IF GOD WILL WE SHALL LIVE, WE'LL SEE THE REST OF THE REVELATION IN REALITY. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MY BROTHER AND ME WENT TO SCHOOL? WE WERE BARE FOOTED WALKING AND COMING TO SCHOOL. MY FIRST SHOES WAS FOUND FROM A PLACE  WHILE MY ELDER SISTER PICKED ME AND WALKED ME HOME THROUGH SOME JUNCTION. PEOPLE DUMPED THEIR GARBEDGE AND MY SISTER SAW THE SHOES. IT WAS CANVAS  THE COLOR WAS MIED RED AND PINK. SHE ASKED ME TO TRY IT. I DID. WE CARRIED IT. I REMEMBER I HAD ONE DRESS AND SWEATER USED ON THAT YEAR. BUT I SCORED HIGH, AND GIVEN A DIPLOMA. WENT TO SUMMER CLASS, I MADE IT AGAIN. NEXT SEPTEMBER, WHEN MY FORMER CLASS MATE WENT TO CLASS TWO I WAS THIRD GRADER. AGAIN I MADE IT ON DECEMBER, I WAS PROMOTED TO GO TO GRADE FOUR. WE WERE THE FRUITS OF MY MOTHER. SHE TAUGHT US MATH, AMHARIC AND ENGLISH READING AND WRITING. WE TOOK EXAM AND STARTED FROM GRADE ONE. NOW, MY YOUNGER BROTHER IS A LAWYER, SINGER, COMPOSER, ACTOR , SCRIPT WRITER...ETC. I'M A LEATHER HAND MADE BAGS PRODUCER, PUBLISHED AUTHOR, A POET AND MEMBER OF POETS UNITE WORLD WIDE. I PUBLISHED 14 ANTHOLOGIES WITH THE GLOBAL POETS. I VOLUNTEER IN DIFFERENT PLATFORMS. I'M A VOCAL CONTRIBUTOR AND ENCOURAGER OF WORLD PULSE. AND COLLAGE. I'M JUST GIFTED I DIDN'T GO TO SCHOOL OF LITRATURE OR DESIGNES. I'M A CONTRIBUTOR FOR ASIAN PRESS INSTITUTE. I'M A MEMBER OF POEM HUNTERS. I'M A VERY GOOD TUTOR. I'M DESIGNER FOR, DRESS, JEWELRY. IAM VERY HANDY, I DO PAINTINGS I WAS SELECTED AS GLOBAL DIGITAL CHANGE MAKER ON YEAR 2016 BY WORLD PULSE...ETC. Just the other day, many children were killed in Afar are in Ethiopia. In the north, chidren are soldiers and they are dying like nothing. I told you about three children and now grown ups, now parents and owns lots of properties. They serve not only their countries, but the whole world. because they were not snatched their lives by the war they had been through by the mercy of GOD. WHEN YOU KILL A CHILD, YOU ARE KILLING DREAMER AND A DREAM. WHEN YOU KILL A CHILD, YOU ARE KILLING THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD. #WHATEVERYOUDOTOOTHERS #ITWILLBEDONEFORYOU #WATCHYOURACTIONS #BECAREFULOFYOURDECESION  #GODHASRISENFROMHISTHRONE #HEWILLPAYUSACCORDINGTOWHATWEDID #REPENT #COMETOYOURCREATOR #BEKIND #BECAREFUL #DON'TBEAFULL #THEDAYISNEIGH 


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