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I did not quit but it seems tough


When I started the production of beauty products, it was not easy to move on but I stayed focus until I am at this point in business. I had challenges from friends who told me I will not make it because I did not have machines to use. I did not have containers neither did I have chemicals. I did not even know where to get them and that was my challenge. This is what I use to do as far as containers was concerned when rain falls and overflow it bangs I will go and pick containers which I know can be suitable for me to use the work was not easy but I did not quite I will pick them and steep for days in disinfectant and I I washed them thoroughly and I saw that it was reuse able and suitable for me.

Days later, I used them to package my products and I made little profits from my sales. I decided to go to a market in another region to look for similar containers which I could not fine in the local market in my community. I discovered that it was more expensive so I decided to go to Douala the Economic capital of the country to get the containers. I thought it was over but when I reached Douala I could not get the right directions to the location I could get containers. So I hired a boy for the period of time I will be in Douala to show me places and to take me to different plastic production companies. After 3 days of searching, we finally found NOVA PLAST. We went there and I was able to have the all the required containers at the time.

My second challenge was where I could get chemicals. I thought of traveling to Nigeria but how would I when I have never been there or knew any one there. I contacted a sister who has once been in Nigeria for directions and help but out of jealousy she failed to tell me anything .I went to another person who equally failed me.But as the saying goes every disappointment is a blessing the man who finally helped me was a stranger I didn’t know .His car had a break down just in front of my house and he begged me if he could packed it in my compound and I said yes so he packed in.I never knew this man, he packed his car and left .His car was packed in my yard for 9 days and during this time he did not show up and it got me so worried. Since I did not know him, I did not know how or where to look for him. I thought of going to the police station the next day .The next day he came in the morning and apologized and said he was held back for business in Nigeria. I was happy he came back but very happy that he could be the solution to my problem so I told him my challenges in regards to my business and he accepted to help me. My sisters this man did not only accept to help me buy the chemicals, he accepted to take me to Nigeria if I wanted.  He made the first trip alone and brought back good chemicals .As time went on, I traveled with him to Nigeria and he showed me the supplier of the chemicals I needed and I bought it.Today I can travel to and fro Nigeria for quality chemicals and at an affordable prize.

At times my lovely sister’s, stumbling blocks stands on our way to a brighter future but those blocks are there to strengthen us for tomorrow .In the beginning I said I will not let my dreams fall in thorn bushes, I am aspiring to move forward and my challenges are lack of sufficient capital, enough equipment’s and a training center to train widows, girls and orphans to prepare and equip them with skills so that will provide for their family and the community.



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