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I see my dreams come to pass with Web 2.0

The most exciting attribute of web 2.0 application is its interactive features among users and the feedback mechanism. It is a form of outreach and most importantly a platform and forum for women to have a voice globally. I see it as bringing the world of women together to form a village. I see my dreams come to pass with Web 2.0.
Another unique aspect of web 2.0 is that I can keep an online library in my journal, publish my articles, introduce and implement my project, learn new ideas and be well informed about what is happening globally. It is a tool that amplifies ones voice, develop networks, and collaborate with other change-makers around the world. I never knew how powerful a woman's voice could be, until now. My childhood story had been bottled up for a long time, not know how to voice out, but today with pulse wire it has been heard globally.

Making women’s voice powerful is one solution Web 2.0 could bring to the global women’s empowerment movement. It provides historical opportunity for women to promote their voice, strengthen relationship, and accelerate the exchange of working models for women’s empowerment and global challenges. It is a technological evolution in communication which allows women to connect, express and be transformed across oceans, continents and cultural barriers. It serves as an information circulation center where local and national news as regard women’s emancipation are made known globally. It could serve as s channel to raise awareness and address exposed unreported women’s challenges within a particular community without waiting for the media. It serves as a learning and empowerment center for all users to become bold to speak. It is an information sharing unit which provides ideas for each other on how to handle situations within our reach.

Web 2.0 has already started empowering me specially. I have been able to share my stories to friends globally. I have made a lot of friends from all part of the world. I have learned what others are doing and the strategies they are using to achieve their goal. I have found a new community, a new world, a new family with lot of wonderful sisters, mothers, grandmother, important personalities, nice stories, sweet words of care and concern from those who read my stories especially “my story made me strong and bold”. Now I can see the power in a woman’s voice and how it can touch lives. I have started doing what I love to do best – writing. I have started thinking of what I can do within my new community. The little media intervention I did for ifebuchi (her story is in my journal) has brought a behavior change from her mistress. Now, she is much happier that before when I visited last. Am ever ready to speak for the speechless.

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